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Why no Westone from HeadRoom?

Discussion in 'HeadRoom Premier Sponsor Forum' started by mikeg88, Dec 11, 2008.
  1. mikeg88
    I'm just looking at Westone UM2's right now, and I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a headroom opinion + photos + a frequency response graph to compare it to others...

    Has HeadRoom ever considered becoming an authorized dealer?


  2. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    I have. First, I've always thought their product was a hair off the pace But maybe more importantly, this category has just exploded, and we haven't really done as comprehensive a job of auditioning everything our there as I would like. We've just been scrambling to get a mix of worthwhile IEMs that sound good, are priced well, and offer some selection. So, we've been sort of cherry picking, and I have to say it hasn't been working out very well. (QJay problems, Etymotic price errosion). It would prolly be most fair to say that we've just missed Westone at this point.

    I would hope that we'll have another listen to their gear again this year and we'll see.
  3. JorgeC Contributor
    Westones are definitely on our short list for retail products to "re-consider" bringing aboard in '09... I guess the economy may dictate how quickly that happens. [​IMG]

    We do have some of the older-model Westones here in our sales dept 'demo' area; we look forward to hearing their more recent evolutions!

    HR Sales/Product Manager
  4. Carsonwen
    so... almost 2012, still no westone products?
  5. JorgeC Contributor
    Hi Carsonwen,
    Well, we did indeed try to add Westone to our HeadRoom~Headphone.com product line-up early this year, but we were turned down by Westone corporate officials for reasons that,
    frankly, still mystify us. Still not sure why exactly, but i will say it was 100% their call, not ours!
    Hopefully, they will change their minds soon.  [​IMG]
    HeadRoom VP
  6. Sherry Zhang
    so random carsonwen...so random
  7. Carsonwen
    thx, i hope they change their mind too.[​IMG]
  8. Carsonwen

    Why is that random? Plz dont post unnecessary comments like that because thats random and not helpful at all. thx[​IMG]

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