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Why isn't there a 4 pin cable with mic/play/pause/forward/reverse/volume controller?

  1. Old_Snake
    I've had my JH13 v2 Pro customs for more than a year and I haven't found one yet. It really made me use my iem less and I regret buying it now. It's a big pain in the ass not having the mic especially when I'm working where I need to be on conference calls all the time and I'm always on the move. Has anyone DIYd this? Where can you order the parts to make one? Thanks.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2018
  2. MindsMirror
    It's not technically possible. Cables that have control buttons use the microphone channel to send those control signals to your phone. You can't have those control signals and a microphone signal on the same channel. You would need to have something like a Bluetooth or USB connection to handle all of the playback, microphone, and control signals.
  3. Old_Snake
    Ok. I just listed all the features I can think of on a remote but I don't really find volume control to be essential. JH has a 2 pin version https://jhaudio.com/p/smart-phone-mic-cable. I'd be happy with a 4 pin version. Do you know if I can just replace the 2 pin connector with a 4 pin? I'm not really familiar with the wiring on both.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2018

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