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Why I am an audiophile

Discussion in 'Music' started by young spade, Jul 31, 2010.
  1. Young Spade
    Just a little something I wrote up a couple minutes ago. Tell me what you think :)
    To hear the wooden footpedels being pressed, to hear every string on a violin, to feel the 
    weight of a piano's keys, to feel the grain of the wood in their hands;
    To know what it's like on that stage in front of thousands, to know that your life's dedication 
    is resting all in this single moment in time; nothing else matters, nothing else is real.
    To feel, to FEEL the weight of the world on their shoulders as they take that first breath... 
    the first breath before they pour their very soul out into the instrument in their hands;
    To hear their life's dedication of the reproduction of the most gracious, the most powerful, the 
    most complete work of art to ever be heard;
    To hear the soundwaves themselves slow and hasten to the temperature in the room; to hear a 
    complete 1 to 1 reproduction of the most moving man-made creation ever produced. 
    To be able to completely replicate that feeling, that sound, that moment in time... to be able 
    to completely experience that same exhilarating feeling of being finally complete...
    To be able to feel the admiration, the pain, the sorrow; to be able to fathom the very existance 
    of the soul of an individual in its raw, untaimed form. 
    This is why I do it. This is why I am an audiophile.
                -Sean Jackson
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  2. volume
    Nice Poem.
  3. falis
    Seems like you'd rather be a musician, though.  :wink:
    - Ed
  4. Vincent01
    Definitely a person who loves the good quality music....and how it sounds. 
  5. krmathis Contributor
    Really nice! [​IMG]
  6. bisayaboi
    Awesome; I like it even more because I'm a musician.
  7. Crowe09


    I think thats the best way to love music...playing it by ourselves! not just hearing...
  8. Young Spade
    ^_^ Thanks.... yea reading it over it does sound like I actually know how to play an instrument haha.... but no I just love the sound. But yea it was people like Krmathis and others who kind of... I don't know... inspired me? To keep spending lots of money (for my age anyway) on audio equipment to try to get to that "next level" in quality.
    Thank you
  9. Katun
    That was wonderful.
    Hmm, I'll think up a quote for that:
    "Maybe more people would understand why we spend, if they knew how we felt."
  10. JIGF
    I like it

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