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Why do you hate Lana Del Rey?

Discussion in 'Music' started by denon2010, Nov 19, 2015.
  1. Denon2010
    If you were to ignore pointless things like how many men she slept with etc or how rich daddy is. OR the fact that she can't actually sing, what is wrong with her?
    Because her studio work is a masterpiece. Once she has her computer enhancements her voice is godly.
    I especially like her "Old Money" song I think her music is fabulous. As a Guns N Roses and Elvis Fan I happen to like her.
    While she cannot sing, lets be real which artist these days can actually sing? most use auto tune etc anyways.
    This one is a real live performance of which I think she did amazing, maybe its her early songs she sucked ass because she was nervous? or is she getting help in this live performance? is this somehow going through computer software before its reaching speakers? or is this her real voice?
    I have a hard time believing this is her real voice, I don't think humans have this ability, it somehow sounds like she is still getting computer enhancements.
  2. Marszczak
    I registered especially just to answer you - I love Lana del Rey!!!
    Regardless if she can or cannot sing - final effect is what I love! The link you provided just proofs she maybe cannot hold the tune, however she is aware of her voice and influence to the listeners.
    Apart from that - who cares if she is rich or not? Do we care about the music or what?

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