Why do waveforms look different when recorded from two similar USB dac-amps?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by stalepie, Oct 31, 2017.
  1. stalepie
    I was comparing the HRT microStreamer with the CEntrance DACport Slim and had trouble deciding whether they sounded different, just as I have many times with other USB dac-amps. However when recording a sample of music in Audacity I notice the waveforms look slightly different throughout when compared closely, when you zoom in and look at the lines, which suggests to me that they are objectively different sound. Shouldn't the waveforms be virtually identical?
  2. danadam
    And if you do 2 recordings of the same DAC, do they look the same?
  3. stalepie
    Yeah, never mind... I must not have had the waveforms lined up properly. It all looks the same now, as it should.
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