why do people demo headphones with music?
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burn a mix CD with lossless versions of your favorite songs, and demo each headphone with your mix CD. solved!

besides, why would you buy a pair of headphones because of how it does in frequency tests? so what if one headphone sounds great on a sine sweep and another doesn't, one headphone that does well on a frequency test could be boring or crappy with your music and vice versa.

but OP sounds like the kind of person who needs some etymotics and a pair of K1000's.
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I don't understand how you guys can still misunderstand me

let me make this as clear as I possibly can:

I am NOT telling you to stop doing ANYTHING. Do EVERYTHING that you have done before when trying headphones (listen to music, read reviews, wack off, whatever floats your boat)

What I AM saying is that you should ALSO look at technical specs and collect objective data if you DON'T ALREADY do so.

It NEVER hurts to have more information. In fact, it could HURT to NOT HAVE technical information.

If you rely ONLY on subjective perceptions (ie if you ONLY listen to music when testing headphones), you could be simply have a bad day and you could make a bad purchase.

If you collect objective information, and then verify that objective data by listening to music/etc. You will be wrong LESS often. For example, you could find a headphone who's FR graph indicates bass heavy sound and recessed mids. Now, when you listen to music on the headphones, if you hear bass heavy sound and recessed mids, you can have MORE confidence in your hearing.

I don't think I can possibly be more clear
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So this thread has reached it's end, not due to the topic, and not due to civil arguments, however heated. It seems that there are those who are more invested in bickering and personal attacks than any topic at hand. Warnings have been sent to some. Please take them seriously.

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