Why do I like the K142HD more than the Sextetts?
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Jul 11, 2014
This might me an odd question.
I've had the K142 for a year now, and they are my favorite cans so far. I found the K240 Sextett cans at a flea market about a week ago. They're actually called `Saba H200´. They were made by AKG for saba, they are the K240 with a different headband and backs. The backs are maybe a little less open, but that's it. Inside, it's all the same. Same baffle, same drivers, same damping around the driver, same gimbal, same pads, same cable, etc... When I first got my hands on these I was absolutely flabbergasted. I had heard so much good about these legendary headphones and was so excited to try them out. Well, as it turns out, my expectations might have been set a bit too high. I was expecting a world of audiophile bliss but I got none. Sure, they're not bad. But really not what I expected. 
They sound... interesting....? I guess? Really not my cup of tea, tho. Big bass, but sometimes overpowering at loud volumes. Mids are nice and clean but slightly laid back. The highs are detailed but on certain tracks they can come off as sibilant or even harsh. They have a huge sound stage, and while the instruments sound nice, they are not very well separated. Overall the sound is a somewhat cold and robust, but aggressive.
The K142 is different. Much more balanced. Not as fat on the low end but they will kick and punch if you ask them nicely :wink: Warm and soft mids, slightly laid back highs but very detailed. Studio monitors after all. They sound more closed and are not as airy, but I find them to have better instrument separation. Overall very easy to listen to, soft sounding but detailed, very enjoyable. Not the most musical, but I like natural sound. They are also way more comfortable.
It doesn't matter where I amp them from. From the computer, the K240 get loud enough despite their 600 ohm impedance. At the same volume I still like the K142HD more. I also like them more when amped from a Sony MXP-290 mixing console or my custom CMoy.
Do I not like the K240 because they have leather pads? I don't generally like the sound of (p)leather pads. Or is the K240 sound just something that I won't get used to? I son't know how to feel about these. On one hand, there is something appealing about the K240 sound, but on the other hand something just sounds so off-putting to me and I don't know what it is :frowning2:

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