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Why do companies make headphones hard to drive(300+ ohm) is it a conspiracy to sell more amps?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by svperstar, Aug 29, 2015.
  1. arnyk
    Audible differences in what some call speaker control, and clarity are predominately about frequency response, IOW loudness.
    The most valuable upgrade that a headphone amp generally provides is firstly low source impedance.  The ability to produce > 1 vrms into a headphone load runs a close second.
    This is because most headphone jacks on desktops and laptops provide a source impedance of 50-75 ohms which is inadequate for headphones whose impedance bottoms out at less than a tenth or fifth of that.  
    Other than specialized hardware, most portable digital players, cell phones, smart phones, and tablets as well as laptops and desktops can't produce more than 1 volt into any load without outboard assistance. Many are inherently limited to as little as half that.
  2. Svperstar
    I'm going to assume when you said this you meant make sure I don't plug the cables in backwards?
  3. mindbomb
    yea. that could explain why they don't sound right.
  4. Svperstar
    I have my 580s plugged in with the L and R on the correct sides and with the letter facing outwards. I wasn't aware people had trouble figuring this out.
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  5. mindbomb
    i meant the wires from the driver to the headphone cable connector, but now I think it comes pre-assembled so it's not possible for that to be reversed. 
  6. Svperstar
    Yes it does. These 10 year old 580s drivers are done. I have taken them apart a few times to clean them but they are dusty and old and both have developed small tears in the actual driver and are covered in a small film of dust. In addition a channel imbalance has developed which I compensate for by moving the balance slightly to the right.
    Replacement 580/600 drivers are $72 each and 650 drivers are $50 yeah so it was a no brainer. I think from this point forward I am going to make a point of buying new drivers every 5 years.
  7. cjl
    Actually, power is just about loudness. All that a more powerful amp gives you is the ability to go louder before distorting. If you can already go loud enough, and your amp isn't distorting, you won't gain anything from a more powerful amp.

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