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Why do cables in sleeves oxidise?

  1. Quasimodosbelfry

    So I got some advice from someone who's been in the head-fi game a lot longer than I have and who's also spent a lot more money on waaaayyyy better gear than I have...

    He told me to me to never get any of my cables re-terminated by any local store or service and to always have then sent back to the original cable manufacturer. That anyone trying to re-terminate a cable here will inadvertently lead to the outcome in the photo above.

    He didn't have any real reasons why, just a lot of speculation about everything from the type of solder to humidity to plain coincidence. But he was absolutely certain the outcome would be dire.

    So can anyone shed some light as to why an SPC cable would turn out like the above? And what can we do to prevent it? Is it just a cheap cable problem? Expensive cables will never experience this? How come? Better sealing?

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