Why did you join headfi?
Nov 7, 2010 at 12:07 AM Post #61 of 144
Luckily I never considered Shures... 
To be serious, the reason I came here seems to be pretty much a conglomerate of everybody else's answers. I was looking for some good headphones especially after my Skullcandys
 (I know) broke. All my Googles inevitably led to Head-fi, and first I thought most of the people on here were crazy. Now I am just like them and totally understand how they feel... I seem inexplicably drawn to DAPs, having collected three so far while currently having no headphones. First the almighty Fuze, then I jumped on the S:Flo2 bandwagon and really love the thing, then I went for what seems to be an old classic on this place, a Rockboxed Iriver H120. The irony of this is that my highest level headphones right now are $20 metrofi 150s that I don't even listen to because they developed a "channel imbalance" (one of the reasons I love this place is that it has a language of its own.) I seem to have gone through a fair number of low to low-mid level phones by giving them away, returning them, selling them, or losing them. Right now I am listening to Pink Floyd and David Gilmour on the stock Sansa earbuds straight out of an Imac. When I was doing the dishes I was listening to the stock earbuds with the Rockboxed Fuze, my first setup. I have come a full circle and am charging towards the merry-go-round again as fast as possible! Hopefully my no headphone situation will be remedied soon as I expect to receive some Sony SA5000s early next week. I am also planning for some kind of amp, probably going balanced with the Ibasso Toucan...
My collection of DAPs is really funny, and right now I want at least two more, while at the same time not desiring headphones nearly as much. I need to get a good CD player before any more portables (except maybe the QA350).
Anyway, the advice, reviews, and discussion brought me here, and the community and helpful members keep me here. I have gotten two offers to reterminate headphones I don't even have yet since I joined, most of the people are just that great. It is and has been a very enriching, enjoyable, and relaxing experience.
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I wanted a full size headphone, a dj friend of mine let me use his mdr-v700, I thought the were awesome
, but doing my online shopping I saw there were fakes around, ended up here......decided to buy mdr-7506 (love it
) and now I am into sony IEMs, made my first cmoy, looking to buy grados, sennheiser and flagship full size sonys.....
ohhhh the wallet is so hurting!!! but Ouspensky is ohhh so happy!
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Not quite sure how I wound up here. I started at Headwize when I was looking at headphone amps for my AKG-K271, and built an amp when I saw how ridiculously over-priced even a cheap amp was. For a long time, my wallet rested comfortably, undisturbed by Things Audio. (I'm a recovering audio addict). Last December, I fell off the audio wagon, as it were, and have since acquired an iMod, HD 580 headphones, a Goldpoint Amp, TF-10s, (The $99 TF-10 sale last December started the flood, meeting and becoming friends with another Head-fier only added fuel to the fire), some Denon phones, some Etys, etc. I'm now looking to add a tube HP amp, and I'm also considering a set of good speakers.
I was indoctrinated into high-end audio while still in HS, so I was spoiled pretty early and have never really recovered from that exposure. I've fought it, with mixed success, but I have once again succumbed to the siren call of Great Sound. My wallet now lives in fear.
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Following a 12-hour drive with nothing but ibuds, I wanted something more and went looking for advice. Went from little Sennheiser buds, then PX100's and a Koss KSC75... Then came DIY stuff followed by two pairs of Sennheiser IE7's, RE-Zero's and now I just recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD600.
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I joined because a friend let me sample his Shure SE110s, it was all down hill from there.  And I hear you on the slow down on the forums, sad, but hopefully a phase, there are so many new members it seems.  They may be just what HeadFi needs.
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I seem to have some kind of biorhythm that leads me into an upgrade frenzy every five or six years ... last time it happened was long enough ago that turning to the internet wasn't yet an ingrained instinct.  This time, it was, and Head-Fi seemed to be the best site.
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I just signed up a few minutes ago. Been lurking for a while though.
Shure for sure.
I was "googling" for reviews on Denon ahd2000 after my second pair of Shure (e2c) failing on me and ended up here. After weeks of reading reviews of different headphones here on head-fi I settled for SR225i. Of course it didn't stop there with the headphones. No, also bought an hp amp, new soundcard and a pair of Re0 thanks to this site. More to come I'm sure. 
Love my SR225i. Couldn't be happier. So, big thanks to the community of head-fi.
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I was VERY mad at my money :wink:

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