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Why are the fonts so small here?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by Majestyk, Jun 25, 2017.
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  1. Majestyk
    I must be on 100 forums and I've never come across one that has such small fonts. The "forum headers" look fine but when you enter one of the forums everything is tiny, and I have to set Chrome to 110% magnification.
  2. ns6490
    They updated the look of the website at the expense of important UX/UI considerations. The change is by far for the worse, enough for me to stop browsing it altogether, I think.
  3. WraithApe
    The font size looks fine to me and I'm using Chrome. What do you have 'Minimum Font Size' set to? I have it set to 14.
  4. AxelCloris Administrator
    Could you please link me to a site that you feel has appropriately sized fonts for reference?

    And a note, we're using a larger font size here on XenForo than we did on the Huddler platform.
  5. Majestyk
    Ok, I'm back. Haven't been hanging out there in awhile...mostly because of the fonts. I can't believe no one else complaining about this. But I think the problem I'm having is maybe not font size, but color. Grey on white? You guys must have eyes like a hawk.

    This is my idea of a appropriately sized fonts and colors:


    Also, this forum has adjustable color schemes if you're a member.
  6. JK1
    What is so bad about setting it at 110%? I have my browser set at 125% most of the time. If you are over 40, and especially if you are over 45, you might benefit from using reading glasses. I started using reading glasses in my late 40s. They come in different strengths from +1 to +4, with +4 being the strongest. Try a few different strengths to see which is right for you. You will find these in CVS or Walgreens.
  7. billstr
    I know this is completely off-topic but my account doesn't have much posting history and I'm unable to create a new thread. I can reply to any existing thread though.

    Does anyone know when the "(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)" message goes away? How long does head-fi require that people only reply to existing posts before allowing them to create their own? My account was created almost three years ago, but I just started posting today.
  8. JK1
    It has something to do with how many posts you have made. I don't know the precise cutoff, or if the cutoff is just a specific number of posts made, or if it is a specific number of posts made divided by how long your account exists. This cutoff may also be changing over time. Keep posting, and eventually you will be allowed to start a thread. Also notice that compared to other forums, on average threads here have many more responses, so in general people here are encouraged to reply to active threads rather than starting new threads. I dislike seeing threads with hundreds or even thousands of responses, and would prefer to see more shorter threads, although not many threads with less than 10 responses.
  9. billstr
    Ah, I remembered there being a limit for being able to post into the classified sections and didn't realize that the regular forums had similar restrictions. I agree that it should be pretty easy to build up the post history required to start new discussions. Searching for and participating in the existing conversations (even if they are a few years old) should be fine for now.
  10. Majestyk
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