Why are the DT990 Pros $100 less than the 990 Premiums?
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Mar 26, 2011
I've been shopping around for some new cans, and I've been looking at the Beyerdynamic DT990s.  On Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Beyerdynamic-DT-990-Pro-250-Professional-Acoustically-Applications/dp/B0011UB9CQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429921523&sr=8-1&keywords=dt990,
the DT990 Premiums are $300, but the DT990 Pros are $200.  From what I understand, the Pros have more clamping force, a bit more bass, and a coiled cord.  Same drivers and housing as the Premiums.
So why the $100 price difference, and is there really a $100 sound difference between the Pros and Premium?
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Mar 13, 2015
The drivers are the same and they will sound the same.  Don't remember any base response differences at all. 
The DT 990 Premiums have more metal parts in the headband, connectors and casing. The padded headband is a nice soft synthetic leather on the Premiums. The Pros have a vinyl headband, a coiled cord and marginally stiffer clamping. The Premiums feel more substantial and durable.  The Pros have a more plastic feel. That's about it.

The price difference was about $100 when I bought my DT 990 Premiums six months ago. I remain 100% happy with them.

But look around.  You can usually beat the B&H price on most Beyerdynamics by about $100.

FWIW: I have owned/own Beyers: DT 770, DT 990 Premium, T5p and T1. The build quality of the DT 990 Pro is closer to the DT 770.  The DT 990 build quality is closer to the T1 (with the T5p oddly being the best of the bunch in terms of build materials). 

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