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Why am I not satisfied with my IEM's?

  1. truckdriver
    It's fine if people enjoy the sound of the Earpods, but the disparity of the Earpods FR graph (in the bass region) versus Monster Beats' is the largest I've seen.
  2. georgelai57
    If you love the Apple earpods that came with your iPhone 5S, one way to improve them dramatically is the Digizoid Zo 2.3.
  3. audioops
    OP, please let us know the results of this test if you perform it.
  4. SomeGuyDude
    I have a genuinely difficult time believing anyone could actually enjoy the sound of Earpods over better phones. This isn't even a case of taste. The Earpods aren't total disasters but they're far from good. 
  5. jekostas
    This is going to sound like exceptionally stupid advice, but are you sure you're actually wearing your headphones correctly?  The tips on IEMs need to be pushed in to the ear canal, not just put up against the outer edge.
    There is no way in hell your Tours should have substantially less bass than your Earpods unless you're wearing them incorrectly.
  6. fnkcow
    +1, I have had Tours and used Earpods
    That's why Beats Tours got really popular at one point in time, most people mistakenly fell for the overwhelmingly bloated muddy bass like I did so I think you're wearing them incorrectly
  7. Gilly87
    I had Tours and they didn't have a whole lot of bass, either. Bought at Best Buy, tried every tip in the box plus Sony Hybrids. I'd take the earpods any day.
  8. fnkcow
    I would take the earpods any day too over the Tours. What I meant is just that Tours has its bass overemphasized and overwhelmingly bloated compared to the rest of the spectrum, but that doesnt mean its good bass or real thumping bass like the Sony XB90EX. EarPods has much better bass quality over the Tours no doubt
  9. Gilly87
    The tours didn't even sound "bassy" to me, just muddy and warm and thin...

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