Who's got Alessandro MS1 (or Sony V6) with CT570 & D-25s?
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Aug 2, 2001
Please bear with me here, I know its kinda of long but I am bored yet excited and it is Sunday afternoon and I have nothing else better to do because the weather is terrible.

Well, I did it again. I let my mind took over and put my hand on that mouse and purchased the MS-1 from Working Dog.

So far I have had Sony MDR-7506, Koss KSC35 and Alessandro MS1 for 6, 4, 1 month(s) respectively. As some of you may recall, I have NOT yet been satisified with all my headphone purchases in past 6 months. This is also the reason behind my continous pursue for new phones in the last 6 months.

Finally, when I recieved the MS1 one month ago, I was hoping that my desire for headphones will at last settle. Unforunately, I was once again disappointed by the MS1. Before I made this purchase, I found the V6 to be recessed in the mids. So I was hoping that the MS1 would rectify this. Well, the MS1 did do its job well and the mids are full. However, I soon realized that these phones are way too forward for my liking even though I had claimed the V6 were not forward enough for my tastes many times before (while they stand to be one of the most forward sounding cans out there and that was before I got the D-25s and I was using it with my CT570).

So far, all of my listening sessions were done using the Sony D-25s as source because I love the clear sound of the D-25s outputs (compared to the warmer sound of the c570) and it worked especially good when paired with the Sony V6. I never even bothered to plugged the new MS1 into my Panasonic CT570 because I like the D-25s so much.

This went on for about 3 weeks, and the MS1 wasn't able to win my heart over the V6 (both were using D-25s as source). Up until about 1 week ago, I was finally forced to use my CT570 again because I needed to do some walking around the house to do chores. So that was the first time I've used the MS-1 with CT570 and the result was wonderful. The MS1 now sounds so much warmer and it still has that forwardness I look for and mids is still wonderful.

Has anyone else experienced this? I was seriously thinking about getting an amp from JMT hoping that it will improve the sound of both headphones.

So now my conclusion is, V6 works well with D-25s or computer sound card and the MS-1 works best with CT570.

Anyone who has the same headphone care to comment? I just felt like writing this because I think I am falling in love with MS-1 and I might have found the headphone I am looking for afterall.
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Jun 26, 2001
Whilst not having the same source components as you, i'll substitute my E905 for your D25S and my EJ1000 for your CT570, I have to disagree with you about the V6... out of the E905 they sound too cold, too sterile... whereas out of the EJ1000 they sound nice and warm...

Whilst admittedly neither of my players are the same as yours, and the verdicts could be completely different... matching a cold source with a cold 'phone (D25 & V6) would be the exact opposite of what you want... is it the CT570 at fault here? (even though it sounds good with the MS1s??)

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Mar 1, 2002

I own the three cans you mentioned (plus Philips 890 and Senn 580). At their respective price points, the KSC-35 ($24), Sony V-6 (~$60) and Alessandro MS-1 ($100) are all terrific headphones, in my opinion.

I don't own either of your sources, but I do have a CHA47 that performs miracles with all my cans. I bought my amp from erix, who built it specifically for his Grado 325 using upgraded capacitors, a high-quality pot, and wall-wart power, and I can attest that it's perfectly matched to the MS-1, which has become my personal favorite of all my phones.

Recommendations are risky to give because we're all so individual in our music, components, and personal taste, but the difference the CHA47 made for me was like night and day with both my Powerbook and JVC CDP.

I think it's a very good bet that JMT could easily build you an amp that would squeeze a lot more pleasure out of all your phones with either your Panasonic or Sony portables.


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