Who makes magnestatic headphone membranes?

  1. evalon
    Hi Head-Fi'ers,

    I hope you may be able to help with this "challenge" of mine ... As it is I have for some time now been considering a magnestatic headphone, however, making/cutting a thin membrane is a challenge. So I wonder if somebody here knows which company makes ultra-thin membranes that e.g. are a combination of a thin plastic film and an aluminum foil. Preferably no thicker than ~ 1 um combined.

    Alternatively, if one of you have experience with how it is possible to cut/make ~ 2 mm traces in a thin (~0.2 um) aluminum foil and mount it without wrinkles on an ultra-thin mylar film I'd very much appreciate hearing about how it can be done. So far I've tried laser cutting (the aluminum foil burns), using a scalpel, using a very sharp knife, milling, etching the foil + film - and none of these approaches really works ...

    So, I would very much appreciate insights on this :)


  2. evalon
    Hi again ... Hmmm, so noone knows about this ... ?

    Hope somebody here may know about this - possibly which company may be able to make such membranes.



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