who like p2p
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Oct 28, 2002
is there anyone tired of over-industrialized pcb board?
i make two classic otl,2*1w headamp with point to point work.
it is fun.
i think i can keep these small unit for long on my desk.
i can not speak engilsh,pics below,slow host waitting be patient
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sch file:
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I love doing p2p. It actually makes you think about what you are doing. It isn't for everyone tho. If you always did well at the spatial tests in school then you are alright.

A starving student is a good introductory p2p but it gets complicated from there VERY quickly.

Plus, everyone looks at what you did and says, "how the hell does that thing even work!"
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PCB's have their place, they are a great way to start and most designers have a website with BOM's and build guides making the whole process relatively easy to understand and complete.

P2P seems to need a much higher level of understanding.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on P2P?
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thanks for your comment.I am sorry for any ironic,english is not my mother language,there are Nothing inherently (toxins aside).

to smeggy and forte,I can post more detail photos of the building progress.
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Love it. P2p is really a dying art and something everyone should learn, there is no skill or understanding at all at taking a list of parts and a pcb and stuffing them. I remember back in highschool our first ever circuit we built was by p2p wiring, using nails hammered into a piece of wood as solder terminals with just a schematic, everyone should learn to do something similar. Just find a simple transistor schematic like this one and a blank piece of veroboard and create your own layout. It doesn't have to be neat or pretty, the electrons don't care how ugly their circuit looks.

Stuffing PCB's is not real DIY.
(waits for massive backlash

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