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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. bfreedma
    Found this bottle of Highland Park Loki staring at me in the window of Park Avenue Liquors in NYC. I'm a big fan of Highland Park, so made the investment. I think this is the most "Highland Parkish" of the Valhalla collection (tasted Thor and Freya, but not yet Odin), with a little more peat than the normal HP bottlings. A good hit of peat on the initial inhalation, with really explosive orange and sherry cask on the palette, and just a hint of sweetness.

    I'm not sure it's worth the premium over the 18yo, but the bottling and stand is really unique. Nice collectors item for the bar and while not inexpensive, when you look at the prices for Macallan and other well known brands, it isn't outrageous.

  2. PalJoey
    I suppose you're paying a premium for the woodwork as well as the special expression of the malt. I haven't tried any of these limited editions, but the bog-standard Highland park is a fine fine thing already, so I'd expect good things of this 'Valhalla' range..
  3. jodgey4
    Any of y'all tried the St. George single malt whisky? I love their absinthe, was thinking about giving this one a try. Just grabbed their Botanivore gin tonight, getting their infused vodkas tomorrow. This gin is good, put how I mixed it isn't doing it justice I think.
  4. mrscotchguy
    Loki is phenomenal!  Tons of waxy, delicate orchard fruit notes... a split personality as you drink it without vs with water.
    The Valhalla series was originally a concept to ship only to the Asian markets, but due to extreme popularity from Highland Park fans, this series became a highly-allocated, highly-popular collector's release.
    Yes, you will spend more for the rarity than other products.  But this tastes nothing like the 18 yr expression of Highland Park.  It will however be like a much more refined 15yr, which IMHO is the outlier of the core range.
    Highland Park attempted to make each of the Valhalla series emulate the personality of each god(dess) represented.  Loki is the god of trickery and deceit... this malt shows layers of flavor that make your think twice about passing quick judgement.
    I would not personally pay more than $300 for a bottle of Loki, but I have seen the entire collection (Thor, Loki, Freya, Odin) fetch around $3k at auction!
    You are certainly paying for branding with the Valhalla series.  But worth it if you look at quality and rarity and don't just compare one liquid to the next.  There's a hellofa lot of fine malts out there in the sub-$100 range if you know what to look for.  Many of those can stand head-to-head with bottles double or triple there price in a blind tasting.  
    But blind tastings aren't always the best way to enjoy good whisk(e)y. Part of the experience is in the chase as much as the glass!
    I haven't tried St. George's malt whisky since it's first release.  Due to their column/hybrid still and all the flavored vodkas, gins, and cordials going through it... their malt tasted almost grape-juice like.  I would love to re-visit their whiskies and see how much has changed in the last 5 years!
    Their absinthe, gin, and cordials are top notch!
  5. RCBinTN
    Anyone tried the Jack Daniels Barrel Proof?  My local shop got a few bottles (US$65) and it's quite good, IMO.  Proof is around 135.  The taste is nothing like the usual Jack, much more fruit and especially vanilla notes.  Quite nice.
    We visited the distillery a few weeks ago, it's only a 1.5 hour drive from us, and they offer the barrel proof for US$70 including tax, so less expensive than in LaVergne where the tax is 9.75%.  If you travel to Lynchburg (many folks do) this is a purchase option in their whiskey shop.
    Cheers -
  6. mtoc
    Japanese whisky, are they good?
  7. PalJoey
    Some of them are, but they can be pricey (depending on where you are) due to import costs.
  8. jodgey4
    I'm a huge fan of Japanese [scotch] whiskys. They always seem to have a great balance of character, with good base complexity.
  9. Krutsch

    Name a bottle/brand you prefer, please.
  10. mtoc
    Yamazaki 18 yo?
  11. Krutsch

    Interesting... thanks. I was in Japan earlier this year, but not sure when I might be going back.
  12. jodgey4
    I've had 3, all of them were friend's. Never actually bought a bottle myself. One was a Yamakazi 12 year (real popular, they're one of the big names). Another I can't remember the name of, it was an 18 year though. Had that at some bar in DC... third was a Yoichi, probably 10 year IIRC.
  13. PalJoey
    I just bought a bottle of Dalwhinnie Winter Gold. Not stunning, but not bad at all.
    I haven't had their regular whisky for a while, so I can't really compare it, but reviews suggest this is a sweeter dram than normal Dalwhinnie.
  14. PalJoey
    Sainsbury's own label Speyside. Same price as their Highland, but nowhere near as much of a bargain. An okay whisky, not bad but that's about it.
  15. MikePio
    In my opinion they are really high quality. I normally stay away from blended whiskys, but this Japanese blended malt whisky at roughly 51% Vol changed my mind, so smooth and flavorful... Here is a picture, the bottle shape is unique and only comes in 500ml I think... If you see it, grab it you won't be disappointed (hopefully)... 
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