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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. Jayhawk785
    its really good--a lot smoother than I expected.  Their other less pricey release is really good too.
  2. fhuang
    i saw this just now, and i was thinking i only drink it straight up. what about you guys? 
  3. Velomane
    Only got into whisky recently thanks to this thread. The thought of drinking it other than straight never occurred to me. Why would I want to adulterate those amazing tastes and smells?
  4. bfreedma

    Why would you want to add anything to a really good whiskey?

    Straight only for me 99% of the time. The only exception is adding fresh coconut water to JW Black when visiting family in Trinidad. Sounds strange, but try it one time if you can get ahold of genuinely fresh coconut water.
  5. CZ4A

    I usually drink my whiskeys straight or with 1-2 drops of water. I don't like my whiskeys ice-cold. Occasionally I'll have a bourbon and cola or Irish coffee but I'm not much for other cocktails.
  6. Planar_head
    Head-fi hurts my wallet in more ways than one...
    I bought a Speyside today (my wallet!) thinking "this better be good!"
    I'm very impressed -- I've never experienced such aromas and flavors before. I've been dabbling in blended whiskeys and a single malt is just something else entirely. I'll probably pick up an inexpensive High West whiskey for when I want to drink and keep the Speyside for when I want to experience.
    Thanks ya'll; it's like when I first got into headphones; opening avenues I never knew existed till now.
  7. PalJoey
    Well, tell us the name of the whisky at least!
  8. Planar_head
    Ha! Fair enough:
    Benromach 10 year. Really nice box and bottle, if I do say so myself.
    (hotlinked from some website)
  9. Ultrainferno
    I got the Glenfarclas 17 yesterday and I like it a lot. Yums!
  10. the wizard of oz
    So I haven't been much of a whisky lover so far to be honest; I'm more a fine wine, or old rhum, good gin, armagnac lover. I can appreciate a good whisky, even choose a good one as a present for someone else, I have the feeling I know what to look for; and so far old Ardbeg's I tended to find really interesting, but I would never deliberately choose whisky for myself...
    Recently I got given a Japanese whisky, and I must say it is really agreable to me, easy to drink, and I somehow suspect it might make me delve into the whole whisky world more, eventually.
    Very accessible, appears not very whisky-like in a way to me, very different, kind of soft, fruity even: White Oak - Tokinoka
  11. PalJoey
    Highland Park is currently discounted at my local supermarket. Did I buy a bottle?
    Silly question... :) 
  12. jcddc
    My wife recently bought the Johnny Walker Gift set for me for our anniversary.  Other than making me downsize my collection, she's a good woman.  :p
  13. superjawes
    Walked into our Total Wine and found a bottle of Orphan Barrel Barterhouse...<3
  14. santacore

    How is it? I bought their original release, and although it was decent, I didn't feel it's taste equaled the $80 price tag.
    Lately, I've been enjoying Straight Edge and Slaugtherhouse, thanks to a comment. from mrscotch guy. For $40 a bottle, the Straight Edge has been very enjoyable to me.
  15. CZ4A
    Here's my collection as it stood about a month ago. I've since finished off the WhistlePig and bought some Talisker 10 year in its place.
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