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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. RCBinTN
    Had a chance to sample the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.  Absolutely delicious bourbon.  Not quite at the Pappy 15 or Stagg level, but not far behind.  Very intense woody flavor with a ton of caramel and minty finish.  I don't know the price, but believe it's quite a bit lower than the other two mentioned.  Cheers -
  2. RCBinTN
    Thanks for the JD info.  I also enjoy their Single Barrel (especially certain barrels) and you can't go wrong with the Four Roses single barrel :).
  3. santacore
    I need to dig the bottle out that I got last year and try it again. From memory it was a little too hot on the tongue and not very balanced. How are you drinking yours RCBinTN? Hopefully mine has mellowed since it has been open almost a year.
  4. RCBinTN
    Hi santacore,
    I just have a little experience with the Craig.
    My technique was:  First - sippin' style, like the distiller tasters do it, from a small glass.  Go really slow - my bottle states 133.2 proof.  You get a good feel for the wood and spice taste.  BTW, my nickname is "old leather tongue."
    Then, a couple ice cubes in a small rocks glass, let the ice melt 1/2 way before tasting.  Opens up the rest of the flavor and cuts the slam of the proof.  Can also substitute good-quality water for the ice, so the bourbon stays warm.
    Now - try yours and send impressions - love this thread :).
    Cheers -
  5. RCBinTN
    Hey santacore,
    With all that killer equipment you have, are you considering a Yggy DAC?
    Just wondering - 
  6. santacore
    Ha, I'm very content with my Auralic Vega DAC. Stopped looking for DAC's....always looking for Bourbon......
    My drinking technique is similar to yours. Try it straight out of a Glencairn type glass. If the whiskey is too strong add some spring water or a cube or two of good ice. Lately I've been going back and forth with Slaughterhouse and Straight Edge whiskey, thanks to a tip from mrscotchguy.
    Today I picked a 3 yr Willett Rye. Excited to try this release since it's one of their first that they actually distilled and aged. I also splurged on a bottle of barrel proof Michters Rye. Hopefully that one is worth the cash.
  7. RCBinTN
    Cool stuff.  Maybe try an Old Fashioned with the 3-yr Willet Rye - might turn out to be quite good.
    Didn't mean to imply your Vega wasn't a great DAC - I actually read your sources backward...but there aren't a ton of BHA-1 owners and Wywires Red folks out there, like you and me :).
  8. santacore
    I definitely love my WyWires Reds and really like the Bryston with certain phones. It's definitely an underrated amp with Audeze's, and I also dig it wish my Fostex TH900's.
  9. PalJoey
    For whisky, I have a bottle of filtered tapwater (or sometimes mineral water) in the fridge, and just add a dash to the dram before drinking. Very occasionally, I use a little soda water instead. The effervescence makes for a slightly different experience, with the bubbles increasing the aroma released. 
    I use a big balloon wine glass. Again, this is good for the aroma.
  10. MarcelE

    Glencairn glasses for me.
    At least with single malt.
    For Bourbon it's those tumblers.
  11. RCBinTN
    Hey y'all, what is a Glencairn glass?  Does it improve the taste of the bourbon / whisky / whiskey?
  12. santacore
  13. RCBinTN
  14. santacore
    The glass can definitely help. I bought mine when I was coming off Scotch and just getting into Bourbon. Works for both. I usually use the Glencairn glass for lower proof spirits and a low ball style glass for higher proof. Sometimes the smaller neck on the Glencairn can make the aroma just a bit too concentrated. All that said, I wouldn't turn down a pour of any good whiskey in a Ball jar.
    RCBinTN likes this.
  15. superjawes
    If you can find one, the Woodford Reserve holiday gift sets come with one of these (with WR branding, of course). I got a pair last holiday season. I don't always use them, but they are nice to have.
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