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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. mrscotchguy
    Nice, we haven't received allocation yet at my store, but it looks like it's going to be a very dry year for PVW/BTAC...
    Luckily I scored a bottle of Slaughter House last night.
  2. santacore

    That's sad news. I figured it's because I'm in Los Angeles and all the pirates seem to be buying to resell, leaving true fans empty handed. Bummer.
    What's the word on the Slaughter House? I don't believe I have seen that locally, but will keep an eye out.
  3. mrscotchguy

    It's kinda gimmicky, but the new thing is to finish Bourbon in wine barrels. Slaughter House is finished in Orin Swift Papillon casks. Super deep-rich mocha notes. Perfect for a cigar.

    I'm hoping to get my hands on more weller 12 this year....
  4. santacore

    My local store has "Straight Edge" for $54. Would you recommend this one?
  5. mrscotchguy
    I haven't tried it personally. But one of my customers (and friend) told me it's a must have! Might be even better than Slaughter House.
  6. santacore

    I picked up 2 at my local BevBlo today. I had a few small pours and they it was tasty. A little too light in body, but excellent overall profile. I think if they bottled it in the 90's or low 100's it would have been dynamite. Finally a new bourbon that actually is worth the money paid. Cheers!
  7. santacore
    Found a Slaughter House at a store near work today. Opened it with a whiskey loving friend and we both agreed it's good juice.  A hair too smooth, but overall excellent profile that is very easy to drink, yet still complex. Good stuff!
  8. mrscotchguy

    My thoughts exactly. I'm a bit uber-critical since I am lucky enough to try sooo many at work... I thought the wine cask was a bit exaggerated. It's still a great dram.

    I tend to drink a ton of OGD 114° and Buffalo Trace.
  9. PalJoey
    BTW, whisky fans might enjoy the late Iain Banks' book Raw Spirit. Plenty of useful knowledge about Scotch, but also a lot of daft fun too.
  10. mrscotchguy
    Nice, I'll put it on my list. I'm currently reading Proof, Bourbon Straight, and The Curious Bartender. I was alos required to take my bottles home from work today. I hauled 14 boxes, most filled with goodies. What to drink....?
  11. RCBinTN
  12. santacore
  13. mrscotchguy

    I have a few for the store... We will be doing our annual lottey soon :wink:
  14. superjawes
    Had to try Koval Single Barrel Bourbon as it is apparently a local (Chicagoland) whiskey. Not too bad. There's a lot of cinnamon spiciness, but not intense like Fireball is (although Fireball shots aren't bad from time to time).
  15. mrscotchguy

    Which whiskey from Koval? I'm fond of the Millet and the Bourbon. We've done a single barrel collab with Koval twice now.

    First one was a Rye 2 year, 8 month. And the second was a 3 year using Toasted barrels for the Wheat mash and charred barrels for the Rye. The second collab tastes like basil curry!

    Also, one of my highschool buddies works as one of their brand ambassadors. He's one of those crazy hipster mixologist... Always coming up with crazy, off the wall concoctions!
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