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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. labrat
  2. PalJoey

    Is a bottle of whisky really worth 300 EUR? You're not paying for the quality (although Glenfarclas is a wonderful whisky), you're paying for several layers of international bureaucracy.
  3. labrat
  4. PalJoey
    You need to find a job that sends you abroad on a regular basis, via a chain of tax free shops.

    Failing that, have you ever thought about getting into the smuggling business?
  5. labrat
  6. PalJoey

    Hit the high end of the market instead - the best of the best of the single malts, with a possible sideline in Armagnac and Calvados.
    If you get caught, claim it's a cultiral imperative and you are only doing what the vikings did before political correctness spoiled all the fun. :wink:
  7. OddE
    -Doesn't Vinmonopolet stock it anymore? (It is listed on their website as item #1856701, NOK850/700ml)
    Or am I just being ignorant? Does the NAS signify it is different from the regular 105???
  8. labrat
  9. OddE
    -Aaah, now I get it. (When I encounter the acronym NAS, it most often means 'North American Specification' :)
    Excellent choice as far as medicine goes; I am mostly using Laphroaig cask strength for the same purpose, but somewhere at the back of my cabinet there's a bottle of Glenfarclas 105...

  10. mrscotchguy
    Glenfarclas is good, one of my personal favorite Speysides we sell at my shop.  The 105 is a beast, but not one a generally recommend and longer.  After the most recent price jump (into the super-premium category), the value just isn't there.  There's so many great single malts at every price range, that I find it difficult to go out of the way to have something that is not "collector-grade" to be shipped at an extreme charge.  
    Personally, of all the Glenfarclas, the 10 Year and the 21 Year are my favorites from their core line.  Both of these slightly edge out the 17 Year, but from tastings I've hosted where we sample the entire "Vertical" range... the 17 Year is the clear crowd pleaser.  Outside of the core range, the Glenfarclas "Family Cask" series is on a whole other level.  Some of the best non-peated Scotch I have ever had an opportunity to try. If you're looking for exceptionally rare (and even collectible) whiskies, then I encourage everyone to look into a "Family Cask".  Pricing on these can be extreme, without question, but they will over deliver compared to nearly every thing else twice the price.
    With Scotch prices on the rise, it's hard to justify spending past $100 most of the time.  Beyond that price, you're purchasing a very specialized product.  Whisk(e)y and headphones share very similar parallels.  It's amazing how fast prices increase for subjective gains.  Ultimately, you palate will lead you down a unique path, the same way our ears do.  
    Here's a few fun parallels:
    Islay (and other Peated Scotch) = Planar Dynamic Cans
    Non-peated = Dynamic Cans
    Blends = Mainstream (Bose, Beats, etc)
    Proper Glassware = Dac or Amps
    Water = Cables 
    Distillery Tours = Headfi Meets
    Feis Ile (Whisky Fest) = RMAF
    Macallan = Audeze... [​IMG]
    Slainte/ Cheers/ Salut
  11. RCBinTN
    Thanks to reviews on this thread, I recently sampled my first Laphroaig - the 10-yr.  Got to admit, I was cool on it to start but somehow it pulled me in.  By far the most peaty (is that a word?) of all the single-malt scotches I've ever tried.  
  12. PalJoey
    Just had my first sip of Four Roses single barrel cask strength bourbon. Liking it so far.
    I was meeting up with an old friend in central London, so I had to visit Milroys whisky shop and see what looked tempting.
  13. labrat
  14. RCBinTN
    Just acquired a couple of very interesting KY bourbons for the holiday season...
     - Pappy Van Winkle 15yr
     - William Larue Weller
    Google 'em and check out the market prices.
    It's good to deal faithfully with a local shop - got first refusal at list prices on these :).
    Cheers and Happy Holidays to All - 
    LostOne.TR likes this.
  15. santacore

    Nice pulls. Those are pretty much unobtainable here in CA. My buddy caught the Weller, by waiting in line for an hour on the day the store received their shipment. I don't have the time or patience for that stuff anymore. I'll just pour Bookers and be happy with the money saved.
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