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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. Wildcatsare1

    If you like sweet you should try some Auchentoshan, a lovely Lowlander with a sweet floral bouquet. Used to switch it up when I started to get tired of Islays (very rarely).
  2. PalJoey
    Give Highland Park a try. It really is an excellent whisky.
  3. RCBinTN
    I have enjoyed Macallan and Talisker.  My favorite used to be Oban but the price is up to around $75 so a rare treat.
  4. MarcelE
    Ah yes Highland Park.
    That was my first real whisky. It's got a bit of everything taste-wise, you can't go wrong with Highland Park as well. :)
    Wow the Oban $75,-? Was it the 14years? That is usally available around here (Holland) around 35,- euro (around $40 ,-).
    I guess bourbon is more expensive here then in America.
  5. RCBinTN
    Yes, the Oban is the 14-yr.  I would keep a stock if it was available for 35 Euro.  I live in Tennessee, so bourbon is cheaper here.  There is great bourbon and a large selection available for $30-40.
  6. superjawes
    Yeah, bourbon is just American (US) whiskey. I imagine that anyone in Europe would probably pay a similar premium as we do to get most scotches.
  7. mrscotchguy

    Well said.
  8. tackytiger
    I've just finished the last bottle of Ardmore that I bulk bought from Asda when it was £25 a bottle.
    It was by far the favourite single malt that I tried.
    Unfortunately this one was discontinued and the new 40% "legacy" offering from Ardmore has much less depth to it.
    I've been advised to try Old Pulteney next...
  9. Oklahoma
    Yeah something about shipping across the pond seems to add a little to the cost.  I enjoy my scotch and whiskey; and I seem to enjoy the nicer ones, which might explain why there are fewer on my shelf.  I currently have:
    Loonshine (local MN whiskey)
    Jack Daniels Single Barrel
    Woodford Reserve
    Glenlivet 12yr
    Oban Little Bay (small barrel aged)
    Oban Distillers Edition (double aged)
    Glenlivet Archive 21yr
  10. RCBinTN
    Loonshine!  What's that like?
  11. Oklahoma
    It is different.  It is unaged and charcoal filtered and comes out very light.  It has less bite than many other whiskeys and scotches I have tried but wouldn't put it as mellow.  The flavors are more floral and sweet, similar to some Gins, than woody.
    It runs about $40 a bottle if people were interested and wanted to contact me via PM I would be willing to pick up and ship them a bottle.
  12. OddE
    -Not a bad suggestion at all. Also, I'd suggest the Isle of Jura - I haven't enjoyed a sip of it in ages, but I have a distinct memory of a very floral, sweet and enjoyable whisky.
    Tonight's treat: A Caol Ila 25yo which assaulted me last time I passed through Aberdeen Airport.
  13. labrat
  14. Chris J

    Ahhhh......Highland Park! Outstanding!

    Try Highland Park, or as suggested earlier........The Macallan
  15. labrat
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