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Whiplash Problems

  1. Nabil
    I placed an order with Whiplash back on 3/29/16. After that all e-mails to Craig have gone unanswered (calling gives a voice mail box is full)
    I opened a complaint with PayPal more than a week ago and he has not responded to that either.
    This is the worst buyer experience I have ever had and would warn others from buying anything from this guy.
  2. Karllin
    I hope your order issue was resolved.

    As a very satisfied Whiplash customer, I want to say my experience was great. I ordered the twau modular with 3.5mm and XLR terminals for source and plugs for both my HD800 and SE846. The cable came in under two weeks, which was important as I was only in the US for Christmas. I have been using the cable daily for over 6 months now and I love them. Even my wife, who rarely cooperates when I want to buy new gear, said they are beautiful and she is glad I bought them.

    Just the convenience of no longer having to use the Sennheiser cable with XLR to 1/4 to 3.5mm adaptors made it worth buying, but the improvement in sound and the light weight of the cable makes me have no regrets. Not to mention being able to simply switch connectors and use with my SE846. And the soft, flexible design makes the twau much more pleasant than the stock Sure cables.

    I found Whiplash from these forums, so after spending time with this wonderful system, I just wanted to share my positive experience.

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