Whiplash - have they gone missing?
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Feb 13, 2012
  Hey guys, I finally got a reply from Craig and he's seen all the previous emails etc.
It's been a really long time but at least finally something is been done. Craig has been really helpful and friendly since finding out about this issue and I really hope this kind of thing doesn't happen again. To anyone.
Craig, sent you a couple emails to ties things up regarding my issue. Please check and respond when you can.
Thank you for your time. 

Totally forgot I wrote this til I saw something Craig posted on the Tralucent Ref1 thread regarding his service. 
Scratch whatever I said in this post. I STILL haven't received anything and I gave up earlier this year trying to email or contact Whiplash regarding my cable. 
Tralucent Ref1 thread post number 1944 was my post there in response to what Craig said there.
Good luck to people still buying cables from them. You are either very brave or very rich.  

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