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Whiplash Audio's new TWau Reference wire

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  1. nc8000 Contributor
    Craig at Whiplash has just come out with a new wire on his site called TWau Reference. I have been using TWag, TWag V2 and TWag V3 on all my headphones for the last several years and each new generation has brought improvements to the sound so I was very exited when Craig approached me about 4 months ago with the chance to try a revolutionary new cable he was intending to come out with (full disclosure, I have not paid for this cable). I have been using it on my JH13 custom in ears connected balanced to a Ray Samuels SR71-B amp for the last 3 months and have to say this is the best cable I have ever heard. The first thing you notice is the absolute control over the bottom end. Everything is rock tight and flows right to the bottom. This in turn leaves much more room for the midrange and treble to come out and play everything is just right. I noticed in the DX50 thread that Jamato desribed it as the most natural cable he has ever heard and I totally agree. I'm absolutely loving this new wire. Job well done Craig.

    This new wire is gold plated silver. This is NOT an alloy mix with 1% gold blended. The silver wire strands are produced and sent to a professional plating company which plates the gold onto the silver stands. The gold plated strands are sent back and assembled with a HIGH strand count. The final product is a 26awg stranded UPOCC gold plated silver.

    The price for a 48" iem cable is $525 so considerably more than even TWag V3. I have no way of deciding if that is a fair price but if you can afford it and really want to get the best from your phones then go for it and you'll be happy you did. Personally I have to say that I would not have been able to justify spending the money to buy one but after having tried it I would have yearned for it.
  2. Mimouille

    Thanks for this feedback. I find these interesting. Have you compared them to non Whiplash cables? Also what difference is there between OM and non OM. Which are the ones with the black plastic on the tips.

    Finally I have heard less than good things about Whiplash customer service. What is your take on this? How long does it take to get the cable?

  3. SACD-Man Contributor
    One quick note. We are working on our customer service. Its a work in progress for sure, however my new employee is the PERFECT fit and Im planning on adding more staff. Now that TWau reference is complete, I can focus on customer service which is my top priority. Small companies suffer fluctuations in sales. This suffering has plagued me in recent time and is something that I will fix!!!!
    Business, in general with loads of disposable income can staff appropriately. Im not in that situation unfortunately. 
    Thanks for he constructive criticism. 
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    I have not compared it to non Whiplash cables, only the V2 and V3 cables I have and I don't like to swap cables too much on my iem's out of fear of wearing the sockets out. I have tried the Heir cable (Magnus I think it was called) over a year ago and liked the TWag better but don't remember details.

    Customer service at Whiplash has from time to time been erratic due to personal reasons with Craig that I don't want to get into in public. I don't know what the current state is. Suffice to say that the end product in my experience is always top notch.

    Oh and OM applies only to the iem cables. OM means over mold and means that the iem connector is molded plastic rather than layers of heat shrink. I by far prefer the OM versions and always go without memory wire which I really hate. OM has no effect on the sound.
  5. Mimouille
    Well listening for clients is a great first step and I will not judge before I try it myself. I shot you a few questions on your site and will be waiting for your return.

  6. angelsblood
    I have bought this wire, because who can say no to gold! on your cable! bling bling!
    Craig is a nice guy, and was very responsive to my emails, so kudos for that!
    will report as soon as i get them ^_^
  7. tin427
    I think all whiplash should change all cable into OM since its too easy for the pin socket to out of contact when swapping cable. I just broke my twag v2 gold. Need to find some local DIYer to fix that.
  8. achl354
    I have emailed craig abt the new cable back and fro a few times, all i gotta say the level of customer service is on par wf other aftermaket cable makers

    I am still deciding on the low profile eclilse or the bling blinh clear
  9. nc8000 Contributor
    When you see it in real life the clear isen't really all that bling. Also remember that the clear will only be available for a short time until stock runs out and not in the OM version.

    This is what mine looks like

  10. seeteeyou
  11. Lenni
    looks like Toxic's cables may have some serious competition. it's great to see mot's coming up with new designs and better quality, instead of the same plain copper wire. kudos to Craig. looking forward to some reviews.
  12. Mimouille
    Order these balanced for my 901 with a TRRS to 3.5 adapter.
  13. SACD-Man Contributor
    Boy I wish I could change everything to OM. My OD (outer dimension) is to big for the large cables. Plus, like I said in previous post, product descriptions, etc is that my obsessed with performance. 4 years time on this wire. I cold have released it with "too much gold plating" that would kill the highs. Well Im not known for that. 
    I don't give up on challenges and perhaps someday I will figure out a way to have everything OM. 
    Always great to hear your comments.
  14. SACD-Man Contributor
    I don't consider Toxic cables, ALO and anyone competition. Its more like a community. In fact I don't even know who is doing what to be honest. I have "horse blinders" on. I could be competitive and say things to do things that show my competitive edge easily, but to be simply honesty, I don't have the time nor can I inspect their work.
    The TWau reference is by far my proudest moment. Only the birth of my son supersedes this!!!! lol. 
    Thanks everyone for going me a chance to fight back. Im disabled (secret is out) and at times life can be challenging. Well I find music to be comforting. 
    Anyways, this is my finest work. Every ounce custom made and to my standards. 
    (hi lenni)
    nc8000 likes this.
  15. jamato8 Contributor
    This new cable is exceptional and I am working on a review of them now. 
    The Fostex TH900 are supposed to have a cable that requires no upgrade and I have read that little is to be gained. I did not find this true when having them rewired to the new gold plated silver. They improve in all areas. Fostex specializes in transducers, why not wire them with a specialist in wire, which I had done. I now feel I am getting all that they can do and it is good!!
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