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Whiplash Audio

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  1. rafal123
    I would stop your credit card payment if you still can. I dont have my headphones after almost 5 months. I spent over $700 on cables and now have to waste my time to send countless emails just to get back what I paid for. For me doesnt fall under unprofessional or bad customer service. Its plain scam. Save yourself trouble, don't do business with them. Interestingly Whiplash logo disappeared from head-fi sponsors recently.
  2. Pingupenguins
    Last I heard, Whiplash was still in business... I also heard that he's severely overloaded and can't get back to people.
    Not sure of the whole situation, but I hope above thread helps.
  3. denging
    dear Craig,

    i have just received your TWcu cable

    BARCODE :  EC790254265US


    AMERICA US 2172-08-14 16:50 Posting/Collection
    AMERICA US 2012-08-14 10:10 Arrival at outward OE
    AMERICA US 2012-08-14 10:10 Departure from outward OE
    JakartaSoekarnoHatta 19000 2012-08-17 10:40 Arrival at inward OE
    JakartaSoekarnoHatta 19000 2012-08-17 10:50 Airport Handling
    JakartaSoekarnoHatta 19000 2012-08-17 22:31 Departure from inward OE to 13000 Adpis : 00585
    JakartaSoekarnoHatta 19000 2012-08-17 22:31 Departure from inward OE
    JakartaTimur 13000 2012-08-18 07:09 Arrival at delivery/Transit Office

    yes, I have faith in you

  4. Roffensian
    Reluctantly posting my experience because I am getting absolutely no response from Craig through e-mail and PM.
    Contacted him in mid June for replacement cables for a JH16 order that I had just placed and a digital IC between a DX100 and a JH3a.  After a good communication I paid on June 23rd after being advised of a 2 - 3 week backlog.
    After a number of chases the cables finally showed up during the week of August 27th (not sure exactly which day as I was away on business), but the digital IC had wrong adapters and could not be used to connect the DX100 to the JH3a.  In the e-mail exchange between Craig and I the two devices that I was trying to connect were discussed multiple times in order to try to avoid this problem from occurring.
    I have been trying to contact Craig to resolve this matter since September 1st and have received no reply, not even an acknowledgement.  I'm very happy with my Twag / Twcu cables for my JH16s, but customer service is non existent now that he has my money.
    Very disappointing experience.
  5. rafal123
    I still haven't gotten my cable back. Sent it back for repair 7 months ago.
    I emailed countless times. Craig emailed me on April 19th that the cable will be out next week. I was even "lucky" to talk to Mike (he answered the number from Whiplash Audio website that usually goes to voicemail)  couple of months ago. Mike told me he will send it tomorrow.  I still don't have it. I spent over $500 on a cable and cannot use it at all. I'm not sure why I am treated this way. There are people on head-fi.org saying that Craig is a man of his word. I would really like to believe that. For now it looks like he stole money from me. 
    Craig if you are reading this post please respond. Your behavior has been unprofessional, but you can still show that you are not a thief.
  6. Roffensian
    Hear a lot about e-mails not working properly, and maybe PMs suddenly stopped working and the voicemail system is broken, but if he still has an internet connection there is no reason not to be able to reassure us all here.
  7. rmappita
    If all this is happening, and always telling the same thing " E-mail, PM and etc not working", and people having problems for a long time, why is he still selling cables?
  8. Roffensian
    It's been hit and miss before, but never this bad AFAIK.
    I ordered back in June after an e-mail exchange with him that was extremely responsive.
  9. Roffensian
    Sent another e-mail last evening suggesting more formal measures to resolve and got an immediate reply from Craig so his e-mail seems to be working at the moment for those others awaiting response.  I e-mailed Craig directly and the requests@ e-mail address.
  10. czqdtc
    Hey guys I contacted Craig 2days after I put my order and he said he's going to ship it to me tomorrow so obviously the customer service has improved and I'm quite satisfied:)
  11. SACD-Man Contributor
    Boy guys we are trying to hard to fix our issues.....
    Please keep trying to contact me and I will make sure you end up completely satisfied. 
    Its very tough where I live trying to hire staff members. Plus my expectations are extremely high. 
    For the record:
    Quality is our number one importance. 
    So, I know, I get bashed all of the time and I deserve it. BUT, I will do everything in my power to change that. 
    CONTACT me at csanborn@whiplashaudio.com
    If I don't respond in 10 minutes, please dont panic. 
    I run a business, a father, husband and fully disabled. So it takes me a few extra minutes to get around. I work about 16 hours a day so I will get to things. Plus my staff can help.
    Customer Service:
    So, thanks for listening. 
    Whiplash Audio
  12. SACD-Man Contributor
    Actually that is a great point. 
    request@whiplashaudio.com is a great address to use. It copies my staff on the email. Im here 7 days a week so I usually get most things, but this might help as well. 
  13. Rawdawg3234
    Ok Ok I was very skeptical at first to send whiplash my ed 10s for a recable.  With all the problems i'd been hearing about. 
    My first problem after I sent them was a lack of communication from whiplash regarding a driver I was trying to purchase from them. No big deal there.
    My second problem was with the case for the cable splitter is on backwards which is a quick fix.
    Let me tell you this though, all these little problems disappeared from my thoughts when i picked up my ed 10s with the whiplash hybrid cable.  Simply stunning,  The weight of the cable themselves speak of quality materials but let's talk about sound.  I've only been listening for twenty minutes but so far I am blown away by what the cable has done for the Ed 10s. The brightness is still there but it's under control with a more pronounced low end. 
    All I can say is that a lack of communication means nothing to me when the finished product is THIS!!!
    Amazing work and beautiful craftsmanship. You'll be hearing from me again whiplash audio.
  14. Rawdawg3234
  15. Rainman26
    I would just like to add that Craig responds to my email since my last purchase in August. It's just hard to respond with a battalion of emails. Thanks for the great cable Craig!
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