Whiplash Audio

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  1. Evilcalyptic
    He has always been hard to get a hold of. Always.

    He use to be dying idk if he still is dying.
  2. Tiyako
    Thank you! kubig123 ~ hopefully he will reply to me other wise i don't even know what to do with this product....plus is alot less than what i paid for...~ might have to call CC charge back and send back the product if can't get this resolve i suppose?
    I've heard good things about Whiplash audio but this communication is scaring me.
  3. Evilcalyptic
    Whatd he send you?
  4. Tiyako
    i've purchased
    TWspc V3 IEM / CIEM Cable
    needed the 2 pin connector for my CIEM

    ended up with
    TWcu V3 IEM / CIEM Cable
    ended up with the mmcx connector

    $100 price different with the 2 products...and plus the connector is wrong
  5. dsmit125
    I ordered a cable from him January 2017. After months of phone calls, emails, and messages on head-fi I just cut my losses. No response and no cable. I decided the $160 wasn't worth anymore stress, frustration, or time. Maybe if I had ordered a $300 cable, he would have responded??? I hope everyone else has better luck than I did. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing another whiplash product.
  6. Tiyako
    I guess i will have to do the same.....and will never again purchase anything from them~ This communication is really bad..........very disappointed hence their reputation was pretty good back in the days.....and i heard good things...just wanted to give them a try and this happen. I've sent him two emails and still no reply after 2 weeks.........
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