Whiplash Audio IEM Lineup!!! New items and special announcements.
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Oct 1, 2007
I am making an announcement on a few new IEM cables that is about to be released, and plus an update to current products and statuses on prototype products that are about to be released as well. Some of my items need to be added to my website. I'm waiting on a few things before I update my site will all of my new products.
So, here is my lineup of all of my IEM replacement cables. 
TWag v2 Eclipse OM

This also includes the new and much improves Zebra handmade choker as seen in the above photo. 
I still have a very limited stock of the clear TWag v2 that I recently had over molded. First come first served. 
TWag v2 OM Clear

My new TWcu Cotton, Well, I must say, its hand crafted and its needs more attention. The sound is soooooo smooth. It defines Copper at its best. This contains memory wire and its not over molded. My new process I have created improves how the memory wire wraps around your ears. MUCH MORE comfortable. This is not yet on my site. Please contact me at csanborn@whiplashaudio.com for purchase details. The price is $229 for 48" terminated to Viablue. This item is ready to ship. 
TWcu Cotton:

ALL NEW: TWcu 26 IEM replacement cable. This is 26awg which is where the 26 comes from. THIS IS CURRENTLY BEING OVER MOLDED AND WILL BE AVAILABLE IN BOTH OM AND NON OM. 
Copper lovers will go nuts for this cable. Pre order price will be $179. The released price will go up to $219. This cable is a bargain at any price. Really is......................................
TWcu 26 non OM w/ memory wire:

This also will have the new design where the memory wire wraps around the ears for a better fit and comfort. In about 2-3 weeks, I will be offering the OM version. 
Special Announcement:
I will have the final Prototype of my new TWag v2 Eclipse JH3A replacement cable. Photos will be posted this week. Here is what it will consist of. A combination of my OM cable with my non OM cable with memory wire. This design will be comfortable and will have the necessary memory wire since each ear will have 4 wires. More details to follow.
Here is a recap:
TWag v2 OM Eclipse NEW!!
TWag v2 OM Clear
TWag v2 Eclipse with memory wire (not shown here) NEW!!
TWag v2 Clear with memory wire (not shown here)
TWcu Cotton with memory wire NEW!!
TWcu 26 OM (not shown here) NEW!!
TWcu 26 with memory wire NEW!!
TWag v2 3A (not shown here) NEW!!
I hope I have it all. I do also make a TWspc with memory wire if someone is ever interested. 

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