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Whiplash 180cm / 70" copper cable - HiRose to bare wire (for recable)

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  1. suicidal_orange
    For Sale
    I got this cable as part of a trade last year so don't know what version it is, but it's copper and as you can see it has a Whiplash heatshrink on the HiRose connector so it's good copper.  It's nicely braided and in good condition except for the end of the bare ends which look to have been clamped, and it has a bit of greening at the bare end too but this nearly always happens with copper and does not affect the sound.
    Ideal for someone looking to recable some headphones to the notoriously fiddly HiRose (if you ask nicely I might even do it for you) or you could add pins and make it an IEM cable?
    Price includes recorded delivery within the UK, anywhere else please ask for a quote.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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