Which Woo amp to go with Grado RS-1 and Sugden CDP?
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Jul 28, 2008
I've done quite a lot of reading around in the forums and have decided I like the idea of a Woo Audio amp to replace my current X-CAN V3. I think they look great and from what I've read people generally think they work very well with the RS-1s. An added bonus seems to be good customer service (in contrast to Singlepower). The problem is, there are so many possible models and options!

With a budget of around $2000, what would be my best option. WA6 SE fully upgraded, WA2 fully upgraded, stock WA5 LE, etc. etc.

The rest of my system is:

Sugden Masterclass CDP
Chord Chrous 2 interconnect
Grado RS-1 cans

I mostly listen to rock and like a warm, musical, and involving sound.

Yours thoughts are much appreciated.
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Dec 7, 2006
with that kind of budget, i'd consider the wa6 se fully upgraded,
the wa2 fully upgraded, singlepower extreme platinum and mpx3
slam se. don't worry too much about singlepower customer service
that's been targeted recently. his low end and mid-level amps seems
to be immune from the immense delays faced by customers puchasing
and sending in high-end and ultra high-end customized eye-candy
monsters... i've always gotten my stuff in less than 3 months... of course,
buying used singlepower amps is a good alternative too. (actually, the
singlepower mid-level amps may've increased in price so i'm not certain
it'll be within your budget, if purchased new)

personally, i don't think you need the cap upgrades for the wa6 and wa2.
if you go for the wa6, instead of the SE version, just make sure you get
the pseudo dual power supply for it if you go that way. the blackgates will offer lower
floor noise and perhaps longevity but it's not as essential as the pseudo dual
power mod. my guess is that the wa2, which i haven't heard, has a different
sound signature from the output transformer driven wa6 and wa5le...
if my singlepower mpx3 slam se is any indication, the wa2 OTL design should
sound a bit more laid back, subtle, with a "creamy" mid sonic characteristic, as
opposed to the dynamic, highly resolving, transparent with visceral mid bass sonics
of the wa6 with the pseudo power mod, as well as the wa6se. the wa6se has
more power and will handle any of the low impedance headphones with ease.
if you do go for blackgate upgrades be reminded that it'll be awhile before the
amp sounds its best consistently...

the wa5le is close to your budget but with shipping and tube upgrade, it'll be
closer to $3k by the time you're done... something i may try in the future.

good luck in your decisions.
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Jul 28, 2008
Thank you for the detailed reply.

In the end I decided to get a Darkvoice 336SE; I've never had a full tube amp before, so decided it made sense to have a go with a cheaper, but well respected model.

The 336 apparently sounds similar to the WA6 SE (from what I've read - I may be wrong) so if I like it I'll consider upgrading to either the WA6 SE (maxed) or the WA5 LE (probably maxed).

P.S. Shipping to the UK for the WA5 LE was $500!

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