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Which V-Moda earbuds should I get?

  1. batphink
    Remember the Gizmodo article, The Secret Scam of Cheap Earbuds?  V-Moda responded with the Earbud Upgrade Program, send in a pair of earbuds to V-Moda and get a $35 coupon.  I had a pair of busted Skullcandy Ink'd I was about to toss into the trash so I figured why not?  Now I have a non-transferrable coupon that's good til the end of the month.  I've narrowed it down to two choices.
    The Vibe
    The Remix Audio
    I've heard of V-Moda products but never heard them before.  Is there a significant difference in audio quality between models?  What about build quality?  I'd like to hear from anyone who's had previous experience with V-Moda.
  2. batphink
    Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?
  3. spider
    IMO if you have to pay extra for a pair I would say none, Check out the meelec product line instead. 
  4. bubsdaddy
    I just bought some V-Moda Vibes for my wife and daughter from this guy:
    His prices are low and he ships fast. I also bought some Bass Freqs and the transactions have been very smooth.
  5. yearsofwisdom
    bubsdaddy? u sure his products are legit? he has lke 1 cent vibes....
  6. TheGame21x


    I've bought V-Moda Vibes from 128headphones as well so I can personally vouch for his legitimacy. He seems to be an official V-Moda reseller (although I can't say for sure whether or not that's true).
  7. yearsofwisdom
    is the 1 cent really feasible? how much did you pay for yours?
  8. yearsofwisdom
  9. bubsdaddy
    I paid $3.99 for the Bass Freq on his "for my twitter peeps" special which he occasionally runs (currently priced at $5.99 for the green). I can vouch that they are legit Bass Freqs as I was replacing a pair that I had broken and the sound and packaging was the same. The V-Moda Vibe looks legit but I have not had a chance to listen as my wife and daughter have them. I paid $6.99 each for them in pink.  I am convinced they are legit and I have only purchased through Buy It Now. I ordered the last set on a Tuesday and had the shipping notice an hour later. They arrived from California to Michigan on Friday.
    One more thing I really enjoy about the Bass Freq is the low profile and fullness of the sound. I like to wear them as I go to sleep and I can have the volume at about 25% on my iPod Touch and it still sound really full and warm. I am a sucker for a IEM bargain.
  10. bubsdaddy
    You made me curious so I just got my wife's Vibes out for a listen. Geez, $6.99 for these? Seriously good for so little money. I saw a black pair with the "sport hook" that look otherwise identical to these yesterday at Costco for $50. I think I may order a few more pairs for stocking stuffers. They come with a pretty nice little carrying pouch and 3 sets of ear tips in both clear and black along with a cord wrap utility which I can't ever see using. Anyway, I think you can order with confidence.
  11. yearsofwisdom
    now what v moda model is the best? in terms of bass? best for classical? best for rock? best for hip hop?
  12. bubsdaddy
    It's hard to say. I really like both. I think the Vibe is probably a bit better overall. At that price, why not get both and use one as your "beater" pair?
  13. yearsofwisdom
    well i think i may do that basically.... im ordering a higher end pair though that hopefully will be a long term investment. i listen to 35 percent rock 35 perc classical 25 percen hip hop 5 percent other. i've narrowed my choices down to the mc5, ie6, and the HJE900..... which to get?!?!?!?!?! gahhhhh durability is an issue for me, so i didn't add the RE0 on my list.

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