Which Ultrasone?
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Aug 8, 2010
Hey guys, I can get any of these Ultrasones pretty cheap and brand new as well, predominantly less than 200 dollars + free shipping in US. They all seem like very portable phones so that's a huge plus 

HFI 580-140 US
HFI 780-180 US
Pro 2500- 190 US
Pro 750- 150 US
Games, games games. I heard mixed feelings on s-logic in terms of positioning. Would these headphones have good immersion as well? I want to play games and have the feeling that I'm there.
Music, genres are predominantly electronica(trance, dnb, techno, electro house, dubstep), rock(alternative, punk), some pop, and orchestral selections. Looking for clarity here.
P.S do these isolate well? If I'm using them portable as well, I don't want people to be listening to my music and judging it
Thanks for looking guys, hope to put my money in the right headphones :D
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2500 is open so no to them for isolation
580 and 780 have the more 'advanced' slogic than the 750
580s are great w/ more prominent monitor quality bass.  780's FWIR are more V-shaped w/ recessed mids.
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I use the 780s for COD sometimes and they're only ok if I hook them up to a decent amp. I tried running them out of an old stereo receiver and positioning/spacial definition wasn't anything special, probably in the same league as TB X1s. They're pretty decent with my RX though. They isolate OK. People around you won't hear your music, but you can definitely hear outside noises.
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thinking to get Ultrasone too , how about Pro 900 ? They have the S logic plus as  HFI 780 and HFi 580. I'm listen to the same genres you mentioned =) , but will be needing them for movies too .
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I can´t imagine a better headphone for movies/games then the Pro 900 if you need isolation so you do have my support. Look up the KeeS mod as well if you decide to get them. They are a favourite for music as well amazing allrounders!
If your ears are compatible with S-logic you won´t hear much of a difference. But the 900 is a bit more laid back with slightly bigger soundstage then the 750. Now everything is relative most headphones are laid back in comparison to those two Ultrasones :wink:
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Not by my experience. You will have no problems getting volume though.
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S-Logic only, not plus.  Pro 2900 is the only open to have S-Logic plus.  Not sure about ED10?

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