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Which tubes to order with Extreme Platinum?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by guzziguy, Jan 26, 2007.
  1. guzziguy
    This is my first poll. So if I screw it up, you'll know why. [​IMG]

    I've decided to upgrade my PPX3 Slam to an Extreme Platinum. I listen to Headphile modded K340's 95% of the time. Which output tubes should I get, 5998's or 6080's. More importantly, why?

    Thanks for your input into my buying decision. Rest assured that all input will be considered before making up my mind. Of course, I'll ask Mikhail too.
  2. 909 Contributor
    That was relatively quick.

    Is Mikhail allowing you to return your PPX3 or are you having to sell it to fund the upgrade path? At this rate in another year or so you'll have a Maestro [​IMG]
  3. guzziguy

    Originally Posted by 909 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    That was relatively quick.

    Is Mikhail allowing you to return your PPX3 or are you having to sell it to fund the upgrade path? At this rate in another year or so you'll have a Maestro [​IMG]

    I'm returning my PPX3 to Mikhail. I wouldn't have upgraded if I had to first sell mine.

    Yes very quick! I'm hoping to get everything I get in the Slam and more. If I don't, I'll probably sell it and buy another Slam. Unlike Earl, I can't justify (even to myself) having more than one amp of this caliber. [​IMG] Too bad or I would have at least two! [​IMG]

    Normally I find a setup I like and then don't touch it for years. I suspect that this will be my last amp upgrade for quite a while. Now who is that dealer with the great deals on Saturn's??? [​IMG]
  4. 909 Contributor
    I'll shoot you a pm w/ his contact details.

    When you get the Extreme Plat., I would really like to hear it... [​IMG]
  5. Gabe Logan
    I would like to know that type of sound you get from those tubes.
  6. 909 Contributor
    guzziguy ygpm...

    Mikhail is a real mensch. Very few MOT would allow you to trade- up like that. That's fantastic. Is he even knocking anything off of the trade-in?
  7. boomana
    I didn't vote because I have both and like them both. I see you also have headphile K340s in your profile. With that headphone right now, and seriously subject to change with more evolved listening, I'm prefering the Tung-Sol 5998s with a Bendix 12au7wa. It opens everything up nicely.
  8. Sarchi
    Maybe a dumb question, but isn't the 6080 a POWER tube? My old Counterpoint SA-9 Phono used one in it's power supply. I can still remember the day that tube shorted while the unit was on with no music playing...saw sparks, flames...jumped for the outlet to kill it.
  9. sacd lover
    Either tube has prodigious power and will work fine. I think the 5998 is airier but the 6080's have more bass. If your system leans toward bright I would get some inexpensive 6080's and try both. If you have a typical 2v gain source like with your E5 I seem to slightly prefer the 5998's. The 5998's have more voltage gain and that generally works better with high impedence headphones. The 6080's are current monsters that can deliver more power to low impedence headphones.

    However, I am getting excellent results with the high impedence senn 580/600's using a sylvania 6gu7 or sylvania 7n7 driving 6080's in my big Supra. I have a very high gain source and the 6080's work well in this application. Again, either tube can drive any headphone I am aware of. [​IMG]


    Price-wise the 5998's cost more but neither tube is what most people would classify as expensive .... unless you buy a rare tube like the Bendix 6080. The 5998's do look cooler. [​IMG] If you want the look of the 5998 with the current drive of the 6080 check out the 6AS7G. Here is a pic of the 6AS7G in a Space Tech Lab headamp ....


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