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Which stack is better?

  1. mehdikh423
    Hi which is better in overall sound quality in your opinion?
    -I listen to all music genre
    -And only listen to music at home
    -Im a detail and micro detail lover

    Dunu dk-3001+aune m1s in balance mode
    Sennheiser hd650 +aune m2+aune b1 amp
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  2. Oscar-HiFi
    I wouldn't get IEM's for only home listening really, some are extremly comfortable but I prefer over-ear for comfort.

    If you love micro detal, the HD650 isn't going to be your friend, in my opinion. Something like the Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro will fit your tastes much better.
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  3. mehdikh423
    Can aune m2+aune b1 amp drive the 300 ohm headphone in your opinion?
    Unfortunately i have hd650 and cant change it
  4. Oscar-HiFi
    It should be able to power them ok, but there are better options.

    What do you actually have, and what are you planning to buy?
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  5. mehdikh423
    I just have galaxy s7 edge for source and hd650 and my plan is buy a dap and portable amp..or an aune s6 desktop dac/amp to use in balance mode so can i use my phone as source?!!
  6. Oscar-HiFi
    HD650 won't be good on the go, or out of your phone,

    I would look at the Shanling M2s as a good budget DAP, and then possibly the JDS Labs O2 as a desktop amp for them,

    You can use the M2s as a USB DAC too
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  7. mehdikh423
    Do You mean that i use shanling m2s as dac and jds lab o2 as an amp?is m2s dac good enough?!
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
  8. Oscar-HiFi
    M2s can be used as a portable player (if you get some IEM's for on the go use) and also a source at home (it has a line out toggle in the settings).

    You can also hook it up to a computer and use it as a USB DAC, and the quality is excellent.
  9. mehdikh423
    Sorry i asked to much..but i dont get it
    You recommend me o2 as amp..so can you recommend a dac too?
  10. Oscar-HiFi
    You don't need a DAC if you get the Shanling M2s, as it works as a DAC too.
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  11. mehdikh423
    Thanks you helped me so much my friend

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