Which software do you use for playing music?
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Feb 20, 2006
I have been trying to find an streamer for local music files. I
have tried the fiio m17, ifi neo stream. Ifi zen stream, and blu sound node. I
I returned or sold the devices because there were issues with big song libraries.

Recently I have been trying foobar2000 on a laptop. I like this setup very much because you can use or smartphone as a remote player. Foobar2000 is really awesome because it's free!


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Foobar2000, with WASAPI installed.
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JRiver Media Center is pretty feature rich, capable of bit perfect output, excellent interface etc, so certainly worth considering.
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There is no remote musicbee app (android) anymore? And does jriver provide a remote app? With foobar2000 you have plenty of remote apps! With which you can remotely control your software player by using your smartphone.
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At home:
- JRiver for movie playback (able to use your DAC upto it's max capabilities)
- Roon or BubbleUPnP for music playback

- USB Audio Player Pro on smartphone
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Yes, Jriver (currently am using version 26) seems indeed to be a marvellous media player. And as remote app, I am using Gizmo for free. I do not know if its worth to upgrade to version 3x.
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youtube at 4k fidelity with rodium hdmi cable with potasium connect heads, and a bit of sprinkled crystals for noise rejection filter.

Joke aside, I use Tidal HD for streaming or Foobar. Also USB audio player on smartphone as well.
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Audirvana Origin on my Mac; Vox to stream my own music on my iPhone and iPad. Qobuz for stuff I don't own.
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Does anyyone use built in equalizer, a stand alone software eq or a hardware eq? Or no eq at all?
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In my journey, as I began to identify the sound I want, the genres I like, and as I move on the the top w/ the equipment I choose, the less EQ I use. Now no EQ.

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