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Which should I get (Help is appreciated)

  1. CareyPrice31
    My budget including shipping to Canada =<250.00
    Radius DDM
    Monster Tour (I like the ControlTalk and tangle free cord)
    Rockfosgate Punch Plugs
    Monster Diddy Beats
    Any other recommendations?
  2. yliu
    What genre do you listen to? Do you want warm sounding earphones with heavy bass? or earphones that has a brighter, clearer sound?
  3. Young Spade
    I'd go ahead and knock off the Monster Diddy Beats. It would also help out a ton if we knew what genres of music you listened to and what kind of sound signature you like (bassy? Detail oriented? Smooth mids?) to echo what yliu stated. 
  4. Sovabrat
    Why would you knock off the Diddy Beats? Have you auditioned them? I was in Best Buy yesterday and listened to them. I actually liked them alot and I use Triple.Fi 10's as my everday monitor so I have some sort of basis for comparison.
    It seems like everyone in these forums bash the Beats line just because they are very popular.
  5. ljokerl Contributor
    I've not heard the Diddy Beats but the DDM is definitely in a different league compared to the others. 2nd for me would be Punch Plugs but they have a really unique texture to them that many won't like (I'd call them 'gritty'). There's a version of the Punch Plugs with a mic, too. I think someone is selling a set on the sale forum. The Tours are just a bit bloated and washed out on some tracks. Very inconsistent. Wouldn't pay more than $40 for them. 
  6. Young Spade


    More like because they're worth less than they're priced. People will feel that way about any product regardless of its status; it's the fact that it's popular that the word gets out. If it wasn't popular it would have fallen off a while ago and you wouldn't have known about them. 
  7. Anaxilus
    DDM or a control talk Monster Gold since you like that.

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