Which Remote for iTouch?
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The only one that works that I have tried is an el-cheapo I got on ebay. The "Official Apple Radio Remote" does NOT work. Your only bet are the plain ones that just work as a remote.
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I understand the Roberts ROBI DAB/ FM remote works as a remore control for the Touch (it generally works fine with my Nano 3G)

Although be warned, it seems there are some bugs that need sorting with a firmware update (may have been recently sorted, not sure).

The common bugs on the Roberts ROBI are:

1:The backlight on the Touch, Nano and Ipod stays on, so you are unnecessarily draining the power for your unit.

2:When listening to the radio, it sometimes turns itself off. This happens to me about every 5 minutes when I listen to DAB. On the rare occasion it also seems to turn itself on, hence wasting battery power again.

I'll need to check if Roberts or Apple have sorted out this software problem.
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