which passive noise reduction headphones are the most isolating ones(most reducing)?

  1. diazA

    I need headphones for my work environment.
    it is very common for workers in my office to sit with headphones in front of the computer.

    the noises I'm trying to reduce: a guy whistling his favorite song a few feet away from me, a guy stomping his feet and drumming with pens and pencils on his table right next to me, a girl popping her gum, and another girl clapping every time she makes a sale (about one every 30 minutes) and more.

    because of these noises are random - I doubt an active noise cancellation headphones will work here and think a passive noise reduction headphones will do better. (I may be wrong).

    which passive noise reduction headphones can block the noise the most? which ones are leading?

    the quality of the sound of the headphones are not that important.
    I only want to hear music in order to more block the noise from the outer world.
  2. rredge
    One option, although not cheap, is Remote Audio’s HN-7506: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/283347-REG

    It’s used by sound recordists in high noise environments such as car race tracks and is based on Sony’s MDR-7506. It will probably do what you want with ease.

    If you’re making sales over the phone, you might also be able to adapt an aviation headset. Look up David Clark headsets.
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  3. diazA
    Remote Audio’s HN-7506 seems pretty good with up to 45 dB reduction but other that at the link you gave me - I can't seem to find a place to buy it cheaper.
    not even on amazon or ebay.

    Sony’s MDR-7506 by the way don't have good NRR.

    how about the "Creative Sound BlasterX H5" headphnes ? I know their sound quality is crap but they seems to reduce about 32dB in tests which is pretty good:
  4. rredge

    You aren’t going to find bargain prices on the Remote Audio headphones. They are a niche product used by professional sound recordists who are working in high noise environments and want unusually high noise isolation.
  5. diazA
    any other suggestion besides Remote Audio’s HN-7506 ?
  6. serman005
    Have you considered in-ear monitors?

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