Which one to invest in?
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Jul 19, 2019
Been looking for a set of new earphones and want some IEMs with a straight down cable.
After searching abit ive narrowed it down to the follow thre:

-Etymotic ER4P-T (There seems to be different variations of the ER4 on amazon uk, Which one is better?)
-Final E5000
-Campfire Audio Comet

All three are similar in price, straight cable option and seem to have good reviews on amazon

I was wondering if you guys can help me narrow down which would be the best investment?

I will be using these mainly at work connected to my work computer and smart phone, Listening to various genres.

I would also like a DAC which i can connect from the computer to plug the earphones into and also be able to use it with my smart phone. Something portable and around £100ish?

All help appreciated

Thanks :)
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IEMs are not an investment :wink:

Other than that I can't make any comments :p
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Can't really say it either but maybe take a look at Crinacle's list: https://crinacle.com/rankings/iems/
He ranks the Etymotics highest, but you need to be able to wear them.
My ear canals are not built for deep fit...

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