Which one RHA MA750 or MA750i ? Shipping and Compatibility
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Sep 10, 2015
Hello everyone
after a long decision i decided to buy the MA750 Instead the Shure SE215, because of their awesome warranty, and their driver house build.(in se215 the cable feature are awesome but why the hell they using a thin,very thin connector wire, its stupid...)

So now i have to decided which of the version i am going to buy, MA750 OR MA750i.
Because i am going to use the earphone for my laptop and my nokia c2-01 (Old but rocks, don't need much more than that
So that means that the mic and the remote isn't compatible at all,

Furthermore i heard that there are many problems in this version , and i dont want to take chances.
But the problem is that i can't find MA750 with a worldwide shipping with 3 years warranty.
i only have in eBay the MA750i version in reasonable price and worldwide...
So i am asking, is really MA750i have any problems with his features, and if don't, are they will work on my nokia(mic,remote)?

Besides if someone have a site, that sell them in reasonable price with 3 year and worldwide low shipping cost it will be help me.

Thanks for everyone help
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Have you visited RHA's website? - http://www.rha-audio.com/
Depending on where you live, you can order directly from their own online stores based in UK, Europe and US.  Otherwise click on the 'Retailers' link to list out the stores for your country.
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Yeah i send a private message for them.
That what they Written me:
"Unfortunately ebay is not an authorised retailer, so warranty is not supported by our warranty policy. We recommend buying from one of our authorised retailers, which are listed on our website"

That surprise me, because a lot of sellers telling that you have 3 year of warranty or such things like that.
It very weird, because the supplier tells you that you get 3 years of guarantee...
Which warranty he talks about? mysterious

eBay is such wonderful thing


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