Which one is the best partner for Yulong D100 mk ii?
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New Head-Fier
Mar 1, 2013
I had used the Ultrasone pro 750 with NFB12. I really like this combination, the NFB12 help to reduce the high treble sound from my Ultrasone headphone.
However, I had given NFB12 one to my best friend, and I got the Yulong D100 mk ii for the replacement of Audio-GD NFB12. The first time I plugged my Ultrasone 750 pro into the the Yulong, I thought that the sound is too bright for me and sometime thrust into me ears T_T. I like treble but this is too much.
So, I am considering the new headphone to be paired with my new DAC/AMP Yulong D100 mk ii. I personally like the Hifiman HE-400, but I have never tried it. or if you guys have any recommendations for the versatile headphone that can perfectly match with Yulong D100 mk ii, please let me know.
I listen to a mixed variety of musics - 70% of my songs are Adele, Norah Jones, Olivia Ong, Sabrina, Craig David, Eva cassidy, etc Another 30% is Saosin, Funeral for a friend, Story of the year, etc
Please help advise!

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