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Which one is better Grado Sr80i or Denon AH-D1001 ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kent0, Aug 7, 2012.
  1. Kent0
    I want to find a good entry level headphone. Which one of them is better?, And I listen to Rock, some techno and soft rock
  2. KG Jag
    The CAL! is a slightly improved clone of the now discontinued Denon.  Whether prefer the CAL!/Denon vs. the Grado will probably turn on whether you need a closed can (CAL!/Denon) or are OK with one that is open and leaks sound (Grado).
    Both are good at what they do.
  3. Kent0
    Thank for your reply, btw how do they sound? in terms of soundstage, bass, highs, and most importantly the mid? which headphone sounds cleaner and more detailed?
  4. KG Jag
    The Grado is bright and in your face.  You sit on stage with the band.  It has the Grado house sound, which is like no other.  You have to hear it for yourself.  This is a rock can.
    Although not entirely neutral the CAL! has a balanced sound signature.  It is a better all-arrounder.  The sound stage is comparable to the Grado.
    Between these two cans, the sound signatures (not so much the highs, mids, lows, etc.) is where the core of their differences (beyond the open/closed issue) falls.
  5. roBernd
    I'd go for the Denon, a bit bassy, but that's better than what the Grado offers (way too bright)
  6. Canadian411
    I have Grado Sr80i and it's very very good. I had a chance to compare with Denon lines and it's almost as good as Denon AH-D2000.
    Get SR80i, you won't regret wat you pay for, and the Grado has better cable.
  7. Kent0
    But which haves a better midrage? The denon or grado? And the one that haves a clearer and more detailed vocals?
  8. Kent0
    Does the grado have a better midrange?and will it sound better with an amp?
  9. Canadian411
    To my ear, Grado SR80i produces much more detail sound quality than lower Denon models.
    It has pretty good mid range and nice bass.
    I tried with SR71-B portable amp but does not make much differences with or without it.

    Only thing I don't like my SR80i is the earpads, feels like dish wash scrubber.

    If I had to rank them with other cans in similar price point,
    SR80i > Sennheiser HD518 > Denon AH-D1100 > Bose AE2i/OE2i

    Remember, SR80i is on ear headphone, I mainly use when I watch youtube on my ipad.

    Note : Bose headphones are real garbage, I don't know how they manage to sell more than one. :)
  10. Kent0
    Thanks, I think the grado sr80i is pretty good (based on what i red on reviews)  but in our country its priced around Php 6000 (140-160$ i think)  do you have any other headphones to suggest?
  11. Canadian411
    For that price I think no headphones can beat the SR80i sound quality. If you want to save some money even SR60 is pretty good.

    I am not sure if you are willing to spend more money, is it cheaper to get Denon or Hifiman headphone for you ? since you are in Philippine ?
  12. HeroicPenguin
    If you're set on the Grado sound, the Alessandro MS1 (a re-tuned Grado) is available for $100 with worldwide shipping. Personally, I've owned both the D1001 and the SR225s and I thought that the Denons were much better -- a much fuller sound (albeit with slightly recessed mids, which was the only downside) and build quality that was much, much better than the Grados.
  13. Kent0
    yah im in the philippines, and I'll still get the grados for that price., Since they are open headphones i'll probably use them for home, any suggestion for headphones i can bring outside which balances both good looks and sound quality (im only 13 so you'll understand that i want nice looking headphones to use outside) and i tried beats studio and solo before and i don't like the sound they produce BASS IS MUDDY AND OVERPOWERING.AND THEY ARE JUST FASHION STATEMENT FOR KIDS AT MY AGE
  14. HeroicPenguin
    V-moda M80 or Phiaton MS400 are the two that come to mind. Senn HD25s if you don't mind spartan design.
  15. Canadian411
    My nephew is 12 and I bought SR80i for him to use it in public since he doesn't like to listen too loud. :) And he is just a kid so I had to consider a good headphone with good cable. :)

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