Which one, FiiO E11 or E17?
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Jan 7, 2012
I'm using it portably, and both seem to be the same size.
I'm not really concerned about price.
Just don't bother asking me about what headphones I'm using 'cause all it will do is start a flame war
Which works better as a portable amp?
Is the E17 worth the wait and higher cost?
Just trying to get a feel for which one is better
Audio source= iPod Video 5G
I looked and couldn't find a comparison like this so im asking...
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 24, 2012
If you want to get more high frequency to "open" up the sound of your headphones, whatever they are, then the E17 is the better bet. It also has an advantage over E11 since you can use it while it's charging, and it can be used to improve your computer's sound.
If your headphones are the same pair that I'm thinking of, then you'll want to use E17's EQ to push its high frequency up.
If you just want to add bass, then E11 will do the job nicely. You can swap the battery in E11, so if you have some spare batteries, you can go for weeks without ever plugging it in, which can be handy. If you run out of juice with the E17, it's a lot more cumbersome. E11 also has an analog volume control nub, so it gives you more control over volume than E17's digital steps.
If your headphones are the other pairs that I'm thinking of, then I figure they won't benefit more from the extra EQ options of the E17. In that case, you should get the E11 and save up your money in case you want to upgrade your headphones later on.

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