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Which of these earphones should I get?

  1. Suvvy
    So, I have managed to find 5 earphones (IEM and buds) that I can get at a very similar price point and here they are:
    • Sennheiser Momentum In-ear G
    • Sennheiser IE40 Pro
    • Shure SE215
    • 1MORE Triple Driver In-ear
    • Pioneer CH9T
    They would primarily serve me to listen to music on my LG G7 which features a Quad DAC. So far I've used LG's earphones that come with the phone and they sounded nice, but I'm afraid their end is coming soon (lost quite a percentage of volume in the left ear) and now I am looking for something new and better at around the $100 price point.

    I don't listen to rap or hip hop, I mostly listen to rock, if that is a thing to consider. Another thing I am looking for is build quality and sturdiness, I really don't want the cable to start deteriorating in under a year or start losing sound in one earphone within a year - I would like these to last. Having a mic is nice, but not necessary at all.

    Any advice and a good pick between these 5? Any of them I should rule out? Thanks!
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
  2. GREQ
    For longevity, skip the Sennheiser Momentum and 1More Triple, as they don't have detachable cables.
    Also, the 1More Triple sounds terrible if you dislike piercing treble, so another good reason to skip that.

    I havn't heard the others, but hopefully someone else can help you pick a good one with detachable cables, as decent replacements can be had for around 10 euros depending on the connector type.
  3. serman005
    The cable on the iBasso IT01 is outstanding for the price, as is the IEM overall. You might look into it and see if it is of interest.

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