Which Mp3 player to buy..?
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Jan 10, 2007
I would like to buy an Mp3 player to be used without an amp and a cheap Grado headphone.
I like the sd cards for memory...

What do you recommend me to buy?
And why?

[size=xx-small]Oh yeah, I'm Dutch so don't want to spend too much dinero on it[/size]

[size=x-small]It's just for when I'm cycling to work...[/size]
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Come on all you young dudes!
Help a not so young dude out...
I really don't feel like getting in that, I just like some suggestions...
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I would suggest, but the issue of listening to music whilst cycling is too big of a safety hazard in my eyes (unless cycling in Holland is a lot lot safer than the UK I guess).

Good luck.
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Well SD expansion cards are offered in the Cowon D2, the Creative Zen, and Sansa's upcoming Fuze, the Sansa Express also has an SD slot. I only mentioned just these because these are the ones that are good with sound quality. If it's just riding your bike to work (and I hope you're not using IEM's for this) then something like the Express might be for you, but if you want it to use at home, I would say something like the Zen or the D2, but a lot of people like Cowons sound over Creatives. Creative usually has a more analytical sound and the Cowon is a tad bit warmer, but people still say it's cold.
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Just a note, the Sansas have a MicroSD slot, if that's acceptable the upcoming Fuze is a good option, since it's supposed to have excellent sound quality and should be pretty affordable.

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