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Which Mid-Fi phones pair well with a Fiio E10?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtkversion, Dec 15, 2011.
  1. mtkversion
    Music : Pop, rock, jazz.
    Budget : $150 range, less is better, more is ok.
    I really enjoyed AKG 701's when I had them and am thinking about revisiting them, how would they do with the E10?
    My listening tastes have gone toward female vocals lately so something to work well with that style of music.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Graphicism Contributor
    Take a look at the Sony SA3000, definitely the best for vocals this side of a grand, are easy to power from the likes of the E10 but will scale with better equipment.
  3. mtkversion


    Thanks for the reply.
    Will look them up some more and see how they review. 
    I forgot to put in my original post that I'm looking for an open pair of headphones so these will definitely fit the bill. I have a pair of Sony V6 that I love so will check them out.
    I haven't had any AudioTechnica headphones yet, wouldn't mind trying out their sound. Haven't spent much time with Beyerdynamics either .. any models in these lines to consider?
  4. Graphicism Contributor
    The DT880/600 is my main phone, I find it an excellent all-rounder for all genres, however I consider a good OTL tube amp mandatory for the phone. I quite dislike the DT880 on a few solid-state amps I've tried, the DT990 will likely be similar, in that the body is sterile and the highs are sibilant. The AD900 is in my opinion a better phone to run from a Fiio/portable amp as they're much easier to power, an AD900 will sound better than an underpowered DT880.
  5. ZenErik
    Q701 sounds great through the FiiO E10. :) I love it.
  6. ztreb185
    I have the HD 598, around $170, paired with the E10.  One of the best headphones in female vocals in $200 range. 
  7. fabio-fi


    A bit over your budget but worth the investment. I use mine with jazz, classical and rock. 
  8. mtkversion
    Not sure if I want to go with Sennheisers. I had a pair of 580's that I didn't enjoy that much. Don't think their sound is for my ears.
    Any comments on the AT ATH-AD700?
    Those are the ones I'm mainly eyeing now .. seem to match everything I'm looking for.
  9. fabio-fi
    If you're thinking on the AD700's go for the AD900's instead. They are better in every aspect. 
  10. Graphicism Contributor

    What didn't you like about the HD580s?
  11. Marximus
    The 598s don't sound like the 580s.  I found the 598s to be superior.  Warmer and more pleasant to listen to.
  12. Graphicism Contributor

    Warmer than a HD650? I found the HD580/600 to be already quite warm and relaxed compared to most phones, I have a feeling the op didn't like the warm colored sound and is looking for something closer to neutral for vocals.
  13. mtkversion


    It has been a while since I heard them but I just don't remember them 'grabbing' me like other headphones.  Looking back it could of been they weren't properly amped as I used them with a Squeezebox/Corda Headfive setup but nothing about them stood out.
    I've started ripping all my CDs into FLAC now but do remember I was using V0 encoded MP3s with the Sennheisers. I doubt this would make a huge difference in the sound so wouldn't be opposed to trying them out again.
    If the HD5xx Sennheisers do pair well with the E10 then I might actually look into giving them another shot.
  14. chicolom


    I think the E10 does a pretty impressive job of "lifting" the Q701s for the price. 
  15. Graphicism Contributor

    Looks like we had the same setup; Squeezebox > Corda Headfive > HD580. I also had a Singlepower PPX3 tube amp at the same time which didn't do anything extra for them, I think the Headfive must of been a pretty decent amp. I've since heard the HD600 (which is the same headphone as the HD580) on a few different setups where they also aren't engaging. The sennheiser sound, save for the HD800, is just very relaxed; colored with a layer of warmth.

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