Which LT1364 to buy for Little Dot MKI?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 24, 2008
I'm looking at two different EBay sellers who are selling the LT1364 opamp, but I'm confused by a couple of the advertised differences. Both state that they are 70MHz and are the LT1364 model.

However, this one states it's a dual and has the number "0006" above the LT1364 model name in the picture:

1 pc LT1364 - Dual 70MHz, 1000V/µs Op Amps - eBay (item 330336371406 end time Jun-15-09 11:09:12 PDT)

This one is listed as "LT1364CN (LT1364) Dual and Quad" and has the numbers "9923" and "9830" printed on the opamps:

LT1364CN (LT1364) Dual and Quad 70MHz Op Amp IC - eBay (item 110333253654 end time Jul-01-09 19:25:27 PDT)

I'm confused by the "LT1364" vs "LT1364CN" and the varying numbers on the opamps "0006" vs "9923" vs "9830".

I'm pretty sure I only need 1 dual LT1364 opamp, but I'm just not sure which one. Any advice?
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Originally Posted by godspeed /img/forum/go_quote.gif
dude, they are the same...take the cheaper...

the important things here is the "CN8" and the 8 DIP.


Wasn't sure. Thanks!

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