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Which is the better upgrade option Senn HD 660s or HD 650?

  1. e22big
    Hi, I am looking to upgrade from my current can, HD 598 to either HD 660S or HD 650. I have been using my HD 598 for quite a long time and quite like their sound signature and comfort but now I am looking for something better to replace it as my daily driver.

    I usually listen to classical music for high fidelity track but I also use my headphone for gaming, film, and general use so I am looking for something that can do well in every music genre (and yes, that include some bass-heavy genre like rock or metal as well), comfortable to use, and have a decent soundstage.

    I don't mind sound neutrality that much, it's nice to have but I can sacrifice a bit of it for a better audio experience overall.

    So far I have narrowed my search to either HD 660s or HD 650 which do you think will be a better fit for my need? I am generally want something with similar soundstage and comfort to HD598 but better clarity and bass (something with a thicker, denser sound is also welcomed, I modify my HD 598 with aftermarket braided copper cable so it give me that filler sound)

    I use Asus Xonar Essense STX as both my DAC and Amp
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would go for the HD660S, as it's 150-Ohm, so better chance a smart phone could drive them, over the 300-Ohm HD600.
    Ever though about spend some cash (up to around $60) for nice op-amps, for the Essence STX?
  3. e22big
    Not at this moment, I don't think impedance is going to be a problem though, Xonar Essense STX can drive up to 600 ohm if need be (although I never actually try that out)

    I also use LG V20 as my smartphone (which has a built-in Amp/DAC) which claim to be able to dive a 300 ohm can, although I have also never try to do that myself as well
  4. e22big
    also to clarify, cost is not a factor here as I live in half the world away,when accounting for transportation cost, everything just cost more or less about the same as what I can get here, 600, 650, or 660S
  5. prymortal
    The best choice would be the HD660s, The HD650 it lacks in everything, People call it "neutral" but its actually more "Generic" sounding meaning damm near any cheap "gaming" headphone sounds very similar with music, HD650 kinda has a little soundstage, Kinda has imaging depending on source, Kinda has bass...Although its not bassy. While the HD660s has a soundstage, good imaging, quality bass (lacks a bit in quantity) e.t.c. it just out performs it without question. For anyone about to burst a blood vessel about that statement keep in mind its in response to his Original post taking into account Music Genre, film & Gaming Also the fact hes coming from a HD598.
  6. e22big
    Hey thanks, yeah I definitely looking for something that outperform HD598 in every way since it's a 500 buck headphone after all. My only concern at this point is to end up not to see noticeable improvement over HD598.

    Gaming-wise I wasn't too serious about it (the point being that it will be plug in my computer all the time and I expect to use them for everything I do it aside from hifi listening), btw what do you think of Massdrop HD58X, people said it's very similar to 660s. I can get them for about 300 buck minimum, cheaper than 660s but not sure if that worth it at that point
  7. prymortal
    Thats a tricky one:
    • Does the HD58X sound the same - No
    • Does it sound similar.. - Yes/No More so the No!
    • If you've never heard the HD660s would the HD58X be a better buy & sound just as good - Yes.
    If you remove the foam from the grills it sounds a bit similar to the HD660s but the HD660s is still better sounding (by better i mean clearer, I do personally prefer the HD58X sound to the HD660s overall), HD660s has smaller areas of imaging make it pin point accurate its very noticeable difference, even more so the longer you spend with both headphones.
    The HD58X on its own out of the box sounds good, bassy, Lagre areas of imaging, does make things a bit left/right sounding at times, I call it dynamic sounding its overall a different sound signature to many headphones including Sennheiser, It has treble issues the treble literally to my ears sounds like the SHP9500 with treble, has the same splashyness to cymbals. I did the felt mod to the HD58X it sounded more like the HD600 than anything.

    So its defintly a good buy, could buy 3 for around the price of a HD660s or just 1 & mod it to get 3 different sound signatures from it.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  8. Lay.
    Soundstage HD598>HD660S>HD650
    Comfort HD598>(HD660S & HD650)

    HD660S sure sounds better than HD598 for gaming and music, but it does not offer any advantage for more serious FPS gaming. HD598 even has better soundstage than HD660S.

    HD660S is better than HD650 for gaming. Better soundstage and imaging.

    Nobody can really tell which you would prefer for general music... HD660S or HD650
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  9. e22big
    Well as I said, I don't get to buy it at 1/3 the price of 660s. With all the transportation included, I can get it around 300 - 350 buck, if I am lucky. While I can get 660s at 500 buck (a bit less, probably around 450) which is not amazing but I don't have to pay for transportation at all

    What's your mod for the 58X though? I do kind of interested in being able to switch sound signature at will.
  10. prymortal
    Just the felt mod. All the info is in there, Although there is one piece i disagree with they claim removing the foam makes no difference to sound, Which myself & many others found to be wrong, it did make a noticeable change to the sound. Lost a noticeable amount of bass, opened up the sound, gave it more of a HD660s feel.
  11. e22big
    Thanks, I will definitely be looking into that
  12. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I used the Essence STX to drive my Beyer 600-Ohm headphones.

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