which is the best price performance streamer
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Nov 9, 2013
Hello everyone

I am new to streaming and would like to buy a great streamer can give sound quality as good usb cables

I hope there is something that is great sounding without spending too much

i tried the chromcast and its really good but i am now seeking to achieve higher levels that can really make an upgrade to sound than using usb cables

budget up to 1000 usd
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I have no idea what the best one is but I have a node 2i and I'm pretty happy with it. It supports MQA, it can provide coax output and analog at the same time, it allows you to run an optical input into it, it plays music from a SAMBA/CIFS server, and it has a nice UI that integrates most if not all of the popular services. Their support is actually pretty good too. I would have no qualms about buying another one.

If you have 1000 bucks to spend maybe by 2 node 2is :)

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