Which is more natural, ATH-A900X, XPT100, or NAD VISO HP50?

  1. Headoh

    First post here. Haven't been able to find a direct comparison between these two. Which of the two are considered to have a more natural as opposed to neutral sound between the ATH-A900X and XPT100? A900X seems to have slightly more 3d effect, maybe slightly better distinction between different instruments but I'm noticing some sibillance in cymbals and Ss as opposed to the XPT100. XPT100 also seems to leak way less with their angled pads if thicker padding is set up towards the back of the head.

    Having said that I have no idea which is considered better at producing a natural sound. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  2. jacknson123
  3. Headoh
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  4. Headoh
    Is there anyone that has had both?
  5. Headoh
    Also tossing in the NAD VISO HP50 into the bunch.
  6. bixby
    Never heard the nvx but owned the nad and heard the at. NAD would be my choice, many At cans have a bit too much energy at 10k and the nvx looks like it might be a bit overdone at 3k. also the NAD is closer to the theoretical harmon curve.
  7. serman005
    Have only heard the AT and the NAD and my preference is clearly for the NAD, though I personally do not find it very comfy.:)
  8. Headoh
    So it looks like the NAD is the closest to the Harmon curve (is it because it leaks sound like crazy?).

    Are there any closed headphones that follow the Harmon curve very well, is portable that doesn't leak, and costs under $200? Need to wear it on train commute where people sit right next to you. Will be a phone that powers it. No dac or amp. If none under $200 how much higher in price would I have to go? Better yet, is there an easy way to do a search like this?

    Separate question, does EQ ruin sound quality? I'm sure there must be trade offs to using EQ cause if not, everybody would just get the cheapest headphones and tweak it.
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